Router radiation

  highside 13:19 30 Sep 2008

Would like to buy a router - does anyone happen to know or could tell me what if anything their spec leaflets say about radiation.
Reason for asking is that the wife has a pacemaker and I suspect there may be reccomendations for this and it may not be wise to use a router in the house?

  sinbads 14:11 30 Sep 2008

I would think most routers would advise caution regaring pacemakers eg click here look at special notes for wireless safety. you would be better contact the manufacturers regarding your safety concerns. Can you not just use a wired connection rather than wireless?

  highside 14:21 30 Sep 2008

Thanks alot sinbads, pretty much as expected.
I have my PC connected to a cable TV/Phone/Broadband modem in the lounge but would like to use the laptop in another room.

  sinbads 14:33 30 Sep 2008

Could be she would be ok ;but it wouldn't be right for us to comment otherwise, personall if my partner had a pace maker i wouldn't take the chance i'd instll an extention cable.

  bluto1 22:37 30 Sep 2008

I would also recommend that you ask the MAKERS of your wife's pacemaker if they have any genuine issues with a router. Go with sinbad's idea of the wired connection. Good health to Mrs "sinbad".

  MarvintheAndroid 23:39 30 Sep 2008

You can get wired networking kits which use your household mains to transmit the signal, eg you plug each end into a standard mains socket and it uses the existing mains cables to overlay the signal.

click here

click here (2 required)


  €dstowe 06:02 01 Oct 2008

I gave up with wireless some months ago in favour of a through-the-mains setup. This wasn't for health reasons but for reliability.

Far better than wireless ever was for me.

  laurie53 07:29 01 Oct 2008

I would not have thought that this would be a problem.

Wireless networks are now so widely used that she must already pass through several a day.

Most big shops, shopping malls, hospitals, gymnasia, schools etc.

  piggy 14:09 01 Oct 2008

As a pacemaker user of some time now I have had no problems whatsoever.
Hope that reassures you

  Fingees 20:17 01 Oct 2008

My friend wears a pacemaker, and runs a BT Wireless home hub within about 18 inches, as it's by his computer.

No ill affects whatever,I am pleased to say.

All the best

  bluto1 23:24 01 Oct 2008

Please forgive my silly gaffe where I referred to Mrs sinbad, I got it wrong and meant Mrs highside

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