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  Switcher 20:59 16 Jun 2008

I decided to have a look at my router setup whilst it is working OK in an attempt to learn more about the myriad of settings which it contains. It is a Draytek Vigor 2800 VG

In the section LAN IP network configuration there are two IP addresses shown
The first one under the heading FOR NAT USAGE is the usual
The second one under the heading FOR IP ROUTING USAGE is
The second one has an enable/disable option. I disabled it but it appears to have made no difference to my internet access. The only difference I note is that I cannot go to the router homepage using "click here." Which I could do previously. Can anyone tell me what the purpose is of the second IP address. I am concerned in case it represents a security loophole. NOTE Ths was previously posted in helproom.

  Forum Editor 05:47 17 Jun 2008

that you had a big network and people out on the road, accessing it remotely via a router. Someone sends a request to your server for a file, and the server duly sends the file out. The router uses IP routing to determine the path that the data will follow to get to its destination - it builds what's called a forwarding table, so it can work out the next hop to get the data to its destination.

That's an extremely simplified explanation of a complex process, and there are various IP routing protocols. You may want to turn IP routing on again, it doesn't represent a security threat.

  Switcher 17:44 17 Jun 2008

F.E. Thank for your reply. I will switch it on again.

  L8-tian 18:27 17 Jun 2008


If you anble or disable ip routing, there will not be any problem in accessing the internet.
The point you might have enabled the ip routing in past.

so in that case you could access the router by ip address

Now you have disabled the ip routing,that is there no option of ip address range

so you Cant use the ip address range

if you want to access the router, you must use the ip address

try enable the ip routing and check whether you able to access the router with address

Thank you..

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