Router & pop3 settings ( moving home)

  muddypaws 19:02 27 Nov 2010

I am looking for some advice please as to what settings in the router and pop3 I would have to change when we have moved,hopefully on 6/12 weather permitting in N Kent!
I will be changing tel. no. but not ISP.
Somewhere in the pop3 account there is ( I believe) a 0,38 telephone?? number. Does this have to change?
I have screen shots of the present settings to guide me.
Would the router settings have to be changed at all??
I am reasonably PC savvy ( thanks to this forum),
but thee two subjects are and will be as comprehensible as nuclear physics!
I am XPHome SP3. OE6

  bremner 19:08 27 Nov 2010

As you are staying with the same ISP I would doubt you need to change anything.

To be sure you should ask your ISP

  muddypaws 19:12 27 Nov 2010

Not even the
Seems too easy!

  bremner 20:40 27 Nov 2010

Are you on dial up or ADSL

  muddypaws 20:54 27 Nov 2010


  letsgetrdy 20:57 27 Nov 2010

The router will automatically update itself via information obtained from your local exchange and cabinet. I take it the telephone number you mention is on your email client, its user side information and not required for anything to work.

  muddypaws 21:12 27 Nov 2010

Thanks. I'm not sure where I have seen 0,38 ( definitely a comma) but can't find it now. Perhaps it was before I had a router.
It sounds too good to be true.
I was anticipating problems.
So it would appear that once connected at new address I just plug in and continue as normal.
Assuming Talk Talk don't keep me hanging around too long!
Thanks to both of you.

  iscanut 21:13 27 Nov 2010

You will have to ensure that your new phone number is enabled for broadband. Talk to your ISP who will advise if necessary. POP3 & SMTP settings will not need to be changed.

  letsgetrdy 21:23 27 Nov 2010

Aslong as you have changed your address with your isp so they know where to send the internet (lol) then everything will work fine.

  muddypaws 21:29 27 Nov 2010

I am in touch with TT and they are switching me on the day after the move.Might as well be optimistic!.
I am having their landline and BB package.
At present BT and TT BB.
Thanks again to all.

  muddypaws 19:33 14 Jan 2011

Move date is now 20/1.
My TT line is up and live at new address.
Broadband live on 19/1, so all perfect timing.
However in the bumph I received to day it states I will have to change my router settings which seems to contradict the advice given above.
They could be wrong as some other info keeps changing. ie
The line connection fee started at 29.99 then went to 69.99 and in the Direct Debit confirmation today it says £0.00 !!
I was told I would get a new router, but to-day it says I haven't ordered one!
So they might be wrong about the router-hopefully.
This is what they need to be.
'Encapulation: PPPoA (PPP over ATM).
MTU: 1432
Multiplex: VC Method
Internet IP address: Dynamic
VPI: 0
DNS: Auto
VCI: 38
Athentication method: CHAP'

I have managed to find my current settings in notepad which are different, so where do I go to actually change them next week? If I dare.
Router is a TP-Link, but a search reveals nothing.
If I have to use the CD I will probably get my friendly PC man in.
They have sent my new user name and p/words.
Any help appreciated.

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