router password

  the kopite 02:22 15 Jul 2005

Hi Guys I brought a secondhand speedtouch router but it is password protected is there anyway to find out the password or disable it I am new to networking and have not got a clue thanks kopite

  De Marcus 03:29 15 Jul 2005

The model would be handy to know?

You could try a hardware reset, whether that'll clear the password I don't know. The reset procedure seems to be pretty generic for speedtouch routers

1 Make sure the SpeedTouch™ is powered on.

2 Power off the SpeedTouch™ by pressing the power button until all LEDs turn off.

3 Press the power button once again (shortly).

4 As soon as the Power/System LED is flashing green, press the power button once
more (shortly).

5 The Power/System LED stops flashing to become solid green. After six seconds, it
starts flashing green again. Press the power button once more (shortly).

6 All LEDs flash green once.

7 The SpeedTouch™ reboots and will come online with factory default settings.

  Forum Editor 13:30 15 Jul 2005

it may require you to enter a default password - usually 'admin'.

click here

for more about default passwords.

  the kopite 17:46 15 Jul 2005

HI Guys thanks for your help Dmarcus hi its a thompson 530 speedtouch router will try your solution at the weekend thanks and thank you FE I just knew I would cock things up life was a lot simpler without a computer lol Kopite

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