Router, Modem, and software question.

  castiel333 14:01 07 Dec 2007


I have just purchased a netgear wireless-G cable router model no WGR614 as I want to be able to connect my sons laptop for him wirelessly but, although there are instructions inside the box for installing software and the usb adapter, there is no information regarding seting up the actual router.

My present set up is a desktop pc which receives broadband via an atlanta webstar modem connected to the pc with a usb cable.

Please can someone tell me if I just connect the router to the modem and leave the modem in the pc or do I have to connect the router to the pc and then the modem to the router.

Also can you tell me if I have to install the software discs that came with it into just the laptop or into the desktop also.
and do I need to install the software for virgin medias supplied modem into the laptop.

Im really sorry if all this sounds stupid but I really do not want to start connecting things together in case I do something wrong.

Thank you.

  xania 14:13 07 Dec 2007

Firstly, this is not just a router - its also a modem, so this will replace you existing modem. I recommend that you set this up on your main PC - you can do this either wirelessly, or wired using the same cables as you have on your current modem - but do follow the installation instructions to ensure you connect up in the correct order. These should also explain how to install the wireless network.

  castiel333 14:20 07 Dec 2007

Hi thank you for your reply.

Going by what the sales assistant told me and also the box it is just a router not a combined modem router.

I need to be able to leave the desktop pc as it is and just connect the laptop wirelessly though, I am now really worried as I think that I read somewher that if you are on cable broadband you cannot use a combined router/ modem.

  retep888 15:01 07 Dec 2007

It'll be easier to ditch the usb connection and use ethernet instead.
In this case you won't need any drivers either.

  martjc 15:06 07 Dec 2007 cannot use other than the Virgin supplied modem - it has to have one of Virgin's registration numbers, other wise it won't work!

Top set up your laptop, you need to add a router [router only] in this way:

Connect router to modem using rj45 plugged cable [the plugs look a bit like phone plugs but with the little clip on the side].

Connect the router to pc with similar cable.

Run the router software. Run both parts for simple connection and wireless.

Re-boot the modem [unplug and replug].
Do similar with the router.

Re-boot the pc.

Your system should now work properly.

Connect the wireless adapter to laptop.

Attempt to connect using any browser.

Should be ok now.

  martjc 15:11 07 Dec 2007 IS just a router.

  castiel333 15:11 07 Dec 2007

Thank you very much for your reply I will try that now.

  xania 15:40 07 Dec 2007

Oopps sorry - just spotted - martjc is quite correct so you will need to run an ethernet cable from the modem to this box. However, it seems to be OK for either cable or DSL.

  Kemistri 16:16 07 Dec 2007

As with all cable routers, the WAN interface is RJ45 only - click here - it will not accept a USB modem and is designed for cable customers (they all have Ethernet modems).

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