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  prince midas 11:56 15 Jan 2009

I have finally got both my Desktop and Laptop to connect to the internet,but occasional I get a message,Can you move a little nearer to the Router.
At the moment the Router is 3ft from my BT pickup Box on the outside wall.
Could I buy a 10ft cable fitted with 2 male connectors which I could then replace the 3ft cable.
Would it give me a stronger signal or not.
I am 20 ft from the router at the moment.

  Graphicool1 12:20 15 Jan 2009

Hi Prince Midas

I have a Belkin Wireless set up. I have a desktop PC and my wife has a laptop. The Router is sitting on the top of my desktop computer and the PC transmitter/receiver is on top of the monitor 3 feet away.

When my wife uses her laptop, she uses it in the lounge, which is some 30 feet away. We don't have any signal problems. However, a thought comes to mind, although there are two walls between the router and the laptop, they are only 'Stud Walls' (plaster Board or Plywood)

I do know that you can have problems, if the signal is passing through walls made of something dense like concrete or brick. Could this be your problem?

  martjc 13:12 15 Jan 2009

...Your message about moving closer to the router is just a way of saying the signal quality or strength is poor. Maybe a high gain antenna on the router would help. Try here

  prince midas 14:58 15 Jan 2009

I also have a Laptop which is no problem but the modern Laptops are built with an inbuild Wireless capabilty.

My point is that the old Desktop had to have the Belkin USB adaptor plugged into the back of it and the problem is that my router is 20ft away through 2 solid walls.The main problem is that the BT wall socket is 20ft from the desktop signal and this is the problem.If I coud get a longer Router lead I could move it 10 ft nearer my desktop and this could give me the edge on receiving a stronger signal.Can I buy a longer lead?

  wjrt 18:22 15 Jan 2009

click here
10m should be ok with minimal signal loss

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