Router-Laptop connection

  vassos 17:20 19 Aug 2006

I have a Belkin ADSL Modem with wireless G Router. It performs perfectly with my desktop and laptop. However, I have another laptop, a Compaq Armada which was obtained in the States. I want it to work with the above router. Problem is that the router cable plug does not fit the socket on this laptop. I have had no success so far in tracking down a suitable adapter and query whether one actually exists. Any advice/comments/help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Vassos.

  Quiller. 17:26 19 Aug 2006

it sounds as if you want to hard wire the compaq to the network, you could do it wirelessly, and I would guess that you connection on the laptop is an internal dial up modem connection.

I you have a PCMCIA slot on the compaq you could use click here to give you a network interface. Connecte to your router and this should give you the connection you need.

  Tanzy_uk 17:37 19 Aug 2006

Try this click here+++

  Forum Editor 17:42 19 Aug 2006

should be a LAN connector, and will plug into the LAN port on the side of your laptop.

  Quiller. 18:59 19 Aug 2006

What model number is the Armada.

  vassos 19:34 19 Aug 2006

The Compaq Armada model is:- 1598DMT

  Quiller. 19:49 19 Aug 2006

Just what I thought. It's an older machine running a MMX cpu and edo ram. It has no LAN socket and just a built in modem.

It will take a PCMCIA card as mentioned above.

  vassos 20:25 19 Aug 2006

OK, much obliged. Will look into that. Bit of a PC dummy me!! Wrong generation - but I'm trying. Many thanks.

  vassos 20:49 21 Aug 2006

The laptop was set up with Windows 98 which I could not get a card for. SO, I have upgraded to XP without too much difficulty. Now it won't accept my newly purchased Belkin G+MIMO Wireless card. Thinking of teaching the thing to swim!

  Tanzy_uk 22:35 21 Aug 2006

look on the net for updated drivers for Xp and try that click here=

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