Router keeps disconnecting

  henza_mapenza 17:59 27 Jan 2005

After buying a D-Link DI-604 router to share my broadband connection and after a few days of use, it keeps disconnecting every 10-15 minutes. It is a 4 port ethernet router and i have followed the instructions for its installation and configuration. I have configured it to share the internet connection of 2 computers and a laptop but so far it always disconnects. DOes anyone have any idea how to solve this? wht i am doing now is everytime i am disconnnected i have to restart my router and modem and i dont want to do that. please help.

  Sweet Paramania 18:39 27 Jan 2005

Have the same problem with a Belkin wireless router, but our phoneline has also been dodgy (which feeds from) and we had dodgy cabling.

One way to save your legs if router is not next to pc may be to direct IE to the IP address of the router and reboot from there.

Otherwise check your wires for damage especially if they trail across doorways. Phone your ISP and/or phone company and get them to check. Ask about call out costs if they have to visit.

  henza_mapenza 22:34 28 Jan 2005

it worked fine for a bit but still disconnects mysteriously

  1514 23:11 28 Jan 2005

click here

I am just trying to find out about BB connections and wot not. I wondered if this first paragraph under "Your Equipment Requirements"
might help you!

  henza_mapenza 10:32 04 Feb 2005

The engineer installed everything fine. But i bought a seperate router with no modem in it and connected it to the modem with 2 computers. The disconnects now happen randomly somethings within minutes and sometimes within hours.

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