Router/ ISP connection problem

  aitch2 15:03 09 Sep 2005

I have successfully connected a Netgear 834 wired router to my main computer (WinXP home+ SP2) but try as I may I cannot get the Laptop WinXP Pro +SP2) to tie in with its network and connect to the internet. Have checked all set-ups with XP, Netgear and Wanadoo and followed the instructions as per disc etc etc. Helplines for Netgear seem baffled and Wanadoo helpline say its not their problem, they don't support it!? Anybody with any ideas if I have missed something obvious or alternatives? All help greatly appreeciated.

  woodchip 15:07 09 Sep 2005

Do you need to network them? I have three but not networked just use Router as means of using any comp as and when I need to

  aitch2 17:10 09 Sep 2005

Perhaps I should have made it clear that I want to avoid the conflict of me using the internet at the same time as my daughter wants to use the internet. That way we can both be online at the same time without the arguments as at present.

  johnnyrocker 17:20 09 Sep 2005

how are you connecting the laptop? hard wired or wireless?


  woodchip 17:28 09 Sep 2005

Then you do not need to network your computers. I have a Win98 desktop a XP desktop and XP Laptop I can connect any or all together to the net No problems. Only my Laptop is Wireless

  appy 17:58 09 Sep 2005

The router you are talking about is it a wired broadband router, it doesn't look as though it has wireless capability. If I'm correct you will need a wireless access point or add wireless usb to your desktop.


  aitch2 18:46 09 Sep 2005

It is a wired router, so I will be running cables between the rooms. However the house is only 6-7 years old and they have used thermal backed insulation between the cavity wallls and this has given problems with a wireless router. Apparently, it shouldn't happen but it has. However, I have just checked all the settings and in my haste it appears that i didn't uncheck the 'proxy server' connection. The good news is that it is now all working, the bad news is I need some self flagellation for the mistake. Thanks for all the replies.

  woodchip 20:02 09 Sep 2005

thermal backed insulation between the cavity walls.

The name is foil backed that’s why you have problems it acts like shielding to stop interference

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