Router / internet issue

  scott26985 23:35 03 Feb 2007

I’ve noticed my computers are slowing down of late over the internet. I’m thinking this could be a router issue. Here’s my set-up:

A BT broadband connection
A wireless ADSL eTEC Router.
A desktop (main pc) plugged into router via USB cable
A laptop with a wireless connection

Both computers have been slowing down of late using the net. In fact a few months ago they got really slow and I phoned BT. Say said completely disconnect the router (cables etc), wait 1min and put back together. This seemed to speed things back up. The computers are slowing down again. There not too slow but its no broadband speed. I tired the BT router advice again but it didn’t work. The desktop is slower then the laptop online. It’s an older computer but I still find this odd as it plugged straight into the router where as the laptop needs wireless.

I’ve been wondering if its router problem (i.e. just too old now). The info says it transfers at 8Mbps downstream and 1Mbps upstream although my laptop says it’s running at a speed of 11Mbps right now.

Can anyone offer some advice?

  Dipso 23:57 03 Feb 2007

Can you get your line stats from the router. Log into to the routers interface and under Status, choose ADSL Status from the menu on the left. Post the results.

  Ashrich 00:04 04 Feb 2007

Sounds like the laptop is running 802.11b wireless , that's a maximum of 11mb/s , that's the connection to the router , not the Internet .


  scott26985 22:48 04 Feb 2007

I cant seems to get thsi information.

Does my router sound ok to run broadband. Im getting a new PC with Vista, Core 2 Doe, 2GB, 320GB HD. It will access the net wirelessly via router. Will it be suitable?

  scott26985 19:23 05 Feb 2007


  Ashrich 19:36 05 Feb 2007

Your new PC should be fine for wireless connection providing you can get Vista or Vista compatible drivers for the wireless network card/usb dongle , the router works independently of the computer itself but I would recommend you connect it via it's Ethernet connector rather than USB , you will get a more reliable connection . As for the routers suitability , as long as it is set up correctly there is no reason it shouldn't work , there will be something in the setup pages to tell the router to stay connected to the Internet at all times , and make sure you set it to " b and g " wireless as it sounds like your laptop only connects on 802.11b only , oh , and make sure your wireless security is done properly , because of the laptop you may only be able to use WEP encryption , but it's better than nothing .


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