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  23790954 17:49 11 Sep 2008

Last year I changed my I.S.P from Tiscali to B.T. which has proved a vast improvement, and an I.S.P. with which I am very happy.
Although I am now using a BT Voyager 220v router,
which I do find slow at connection, I had previously been using a wireless BT Voyager 2500v, which I found much faster. Due to my personal details being traced, and used in a fraudulent nature, I decided against a wireless connection, and gave the wireless BT Voyager 2500 to a good friend of mine, who had just got his first broadband connection. My questions are:-
Is there any way a wireless connection CAN be used in a completely safe way, to avoid a similar thing happening again.
Are BT routers the only routers which have a telephone connection fitted to the router, as I do like having and using the extra telephone line supplied by BT.
Depending on the replies to these questions, I hopefully will be able to buy a much faster router for my connection.
Thanks for all advice given.

  oldbeefer2 18:07 11 Sep 2008

Yes, wireless can be made pretty safe using WAP (router manual will tell you how to do it). Not too clear about your other question - all routers have to be connected to a telephone line to connect with the exchange. A bit more info please.

  Pineman100 18:18 11 Sep 2008

As oldbeefer2 has said, if you use effective encryption such as WAP, your wireless connection should be secure.

It's also a good idea to switch on MAC filtering in your router. This effectively prevents any computer, other than the one(s) whose MAC address has been specified, from connecting wirelessly to the router.

Both of these functions should be available in your router's control panel.

I don't know of any other router that has a built-in IP phone (although they may exist), but there's nothing to stop you from buying the phone separately, and then using a VOIP service such as Skype.

  brundle 18:24 11 Sep 2008

Use WPA or WPA2 - don't use WEP, use a nice long random passphrase - click here.

  oldbeefer2 18:28 11 Sep 2008

'WAP' - meant WPA. Dislexia lures KO! Must have another glass of red!

  Pineman100 18:35 11 Sep 2008

As for oldbeefer2, for me, too! Oops (hic!).

  skidzy 19:40 11 Sep 2008

A few things you can do to secure the router and its network;

1) Enable wpa/wep etc (wep being the weaker but will serve you just fine)

2) Change the admin password

3) Change or disable the ssid,disabling this will hide your router from others looking for a possible connection.

4) Enable Mac Filtering

5) Turn on DMZ (user choice)

6) Turn off Upnp

7) Enable the routers Nat firewall

These seven steps will secure almost any router from unauthorized access.

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