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  Dougie168 23:21 06 Apr 2006

a quick question about routers.
When a broadband service specifies whether it is ADSL or ISDN, does it affect the router, in that are most routers compatible with both forms?
And can anyone recommend any sites or shops for cheap routers? Thanks!

  phono 23:31 06 Apr 2006

ADSL and ISDN are different, I cannot say for sure but I doubt that there are many, if indeed any, routers that support both standards.

As for sites or shops try click here I find them very reasonably priced and have made several purchases from them, the products are mostly Safecom branded and from my own experience perform admirably.

  Dougie168 23:38 06 Apr 2006

thanks. oh, another question! how do i tell whether the connection is ADSL or ISDN if it doesnt say on teh ISP's website? does it matter if, say, i get a ADSL router but the connection is ISDN?

  phono 00:26 07 Apr 2006

Most, if not all, broadband connections offered by ISPs will be ADSL, if there is any doubt then just ask them.

The most common ISDN connection for home users was BT's Home Highway, I don't know if they still offer the service, I used to have it before broadband because I could use the Internet and the phone could still be used at the same time, other than that there was no real speed difference unless I used channel bonding, at twice the price, to get 128 kbps download speeds, basic broadband is 512 kbps, my own current connection is 2272 kbps. At best ISDN could be described as midband.

  Daveboy 19:22 07 Apr 2006

Highway is no longer offered, ISDN2e is still available but very expensive for internet use as it is priced like dial up.

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