router help req'd. netgear dg834g & messenger

  martybhoy 09:11 30 Dec 2005

Can anyone help with the following questions?

I have just bought a wireless laptop and would like to set up a network in my house to use with my home pc and new laptop. My ISP is talktalk broadband.

1. Is there any issues anyone knows about regarding routers and talktalk broadband like the issues AOL has where it is best to use a particular router?

2. I am willing to spend upto £70, i have seen in other blogs that the NETGEAR DG834G and the BELKIN F5D7632UK4 have been recommended. Are these the best for this ammount of money?

3. Are the above routers easy to set up?

4. Read an old review on an other web site that the NETGEAR router had issues with using MSN Messenger. Is this still a problem? I use messenger a lot.

Thanks in advance for any help.


  martybhoy 19:28 30 Dec 2005

BUMP. Any help on this please.

  Forum Editor 00:08 03 Jan 2006

you emailed me a few days ago, but things have been hectic etc., etc.

In answer to your questions:-

1. Not as far as I'm aware.

2. The two items you mention are certainly excellent. As for being the best value for the money - that's something for you to decide, but with wireless equipment it isn't necessarily price that's the main consideration.

3. Yes, if you follow the manufacturers' instructions to the letter.

4. I know that some Netgear routers have given trouble with MSN Messenger in the past, but then so have other routers. Usually it's a firewall problem, and can be rectified. I'm not aware of specific problems related to the DG834G, but that doesn't mean there aren't any.

  mancube 09:18 03 Jan 2006

you need to set up mac address security when you are up and running

  ROLOEGG 19:02 18 Jan 2006
  mgmcc 23:07 18 Jan 2006


That is a very low MTU setting which is *ONLY* appropriate for use with AOL. The original poster is using "talktalk broadband" and should probably use an MTU setting of 1492.

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