Router Dying?

  Seadog 12:59 31 May 2007

Recently I have lost my internet connection on numerous occasions and re-starting the router sorts it out until the next time.
The home network remains (or shows as)connected though.
The router is a Belkin F5D7230-4 connected to a cable modem, all computers are connected to the router wirelessly.
Would this be the beginning of the end for the router or does anyone else have any ideas as to the cause for loss of internet connection.
ISP is Virgin Media (formerly Telewest) Running IE 7 on Win Xp.
Any help or advice hoe to check it all out would be greatly appreciated.

  wee eddie 15:12 31 May 2007

cause of your problem.

  Chris the Ancient 16:57 31 May 2007

I used to have a similar situation. I started off with a good connection and good speed that started to deteriorate.

I found, in the end, that it was not my router but the connection between the router and the phone socket.

Do you plug directly into the phone socket? If not, try picking up your kit and moving it close to the socket. Then remove the cover of the phone socket and plug straight into the 'test socket'. See if this improves the situation. Much to my surprise, I found that my extension was picking up a new source of interference and that was causing the difficulties. I higher grade extension line cures that. Otherwise, if your kit is near the main socket, try removing everything else and go straight into the test socket. You may be picking something unwanted on one of the phones.

I also found that just one item in all the phone system didn't have a filter on it. Daft of me, I know; but have you done the same silly trick?


  Seadog 17:24 31 May 2007

I will check all connections, but my router is connected to the cable modem which connects to Virgins cable system, not the phone line.
My telephone is still via BT - totally independant from my internet connection.

Also, I have just found that if I restart the modem this solves the problem, maybe it is the modem that is dying?

  Chris the Ancient 22:43 31 May 2007

Sorry for the delay. Blame work and the need to eat (and indulge in a glass of chilled white stuff).

Sorry, I didn't realise that you were on cable. That makes all my ideas a load of rubbish in your case.

However, routers slowly dying is a comparatively unusual event - they tend to work or not work. Perhaps your restarting it is kicking something else into life. I would be very tempted to chat to virgin about it. They do have an on-line 'chat' to help staff (saves the expensive phone call) which I once used and found very helpful with my standard phone line broadband a while back. I can't exactly remember where I found it on their website now; but have a probe around the website of theirs and I'm sure that it will still be there somewhere. Well worth a look to see if you can find it.


  woodchip 22:46 31 May 2007

As cable should not have problems That a BT line does I would think it's your settings in the router. Does it happen on all computers? or just one

  Seadog 23:50 31 May 2007

Yes, it happens with all computers, I have mucked about with all sorts of settings to no avail.
The problem is that it all works ok for a while then suddenly I can't connect/get the "page cannot be displayed" warning, but when the connection is checked everything is reported as being ok???
Mind you, earlier tonight my son couldn't access the net (neither could I on my main computer or laptop - just the "page cannot.....")) but he could still chat on MSM?????
All sorts of things have gone through my mind like an IE7 fault or conflict, router fault or even a modem fault (that's my latest thing to blame!!!) then again all this has come about since Virgin took over control from Telewest, I haven't changed any settings/machines/hardware or anything likely to upset my internet connection! And I didn't have any problems before the takeover.
Couldn't be a dodgy "automatic update" from Microsoft could it?..................

  woodchip 15:15 01 Jun 2007

It sounds like a cable that connects the router to the cable network. it may be a faulty plug or socket. Are you catching it with your feet

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