Router dropping internet

  GBL 17:13 02 Nov 2010

I use Win 7 and as ISP. I am on my second Linksys router, the first one a WAG 200G kept dropping the internet, apparently it is a know fault so I upgraded to another Linksys WAG 54G, both wireless. I like to leave it switched on 24/7, but now this one seems to have developed a similar problem, all the lights are lit but no internet, I have to switch it off and then back on after a few minutes. Is this normal or should I look for a better Router??

  cocteau48 17:30 02 Nov 2010

I would have thought that this is unlikely to be a problem specific to your router.

I am not with Virgin - but similar issues with my ISP (TalkTalk) are normally resolved by submitting your line stats to your ISP who will probably make changes to your profile to give a better balance between line speed and stability.

  GBL 17:53 02 Nov 2010

Thanks, I rang Virgin the other month before I realised that it was the Router, or whatever, they as usual were very unhelpful, suggesting that I did all sorts then ring them back, which I never did as once I had switched it off for a few minuted I was back on.

From what I have picked up it seems to be something I will have to live with, it appears that it may be Windows 7 or something. No big deal though.

  woodchip 18:39 02 Nov 2010

Try changing the wireless Channel, in the Router Settings Page

  GBL 18:46 02 Nov 2010

Pehaps I should have put that although it is a wireless router it is hard wired to my prime PC,and I use Homeplug adapters for my second one, also that the problem is very intermittent, I will go for days with no problem, I just wondered whether it was specific to Linksys Routers.

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