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  swanny2 11:26 16 Mar 2008

My son has a dongle that he puts into his laptop ,so that he can connect via a Router,problem is the Dongle usb parrt has snapped of the main part of the dongle.Is it poossible too purchase new dongles? as hes unable too connect too the Internet now.without it.I remeber before he once had the dongle unplugged and still connected too the Internet,but now it seems he has too have it plugged in,too make connection.

  ambra4 12:53 16 Mar 2008

Now old is the laptop

Most laptop computer these days comes with a building wireless card; some required you to switch on the Wireless Radio Antenna via a small slide switch on the laptop

Or using the FN (Function) key you have to hold down the FN key and press the key with a small antenna icon to turn on the wireless card

Check that the wireless card is Enable/Disable from inside the Network Connection Area

Start-Setting-Network Connection-Right click-Wireless Area Connection-Enable or Disable as required

Some times you have to Disable and Enable before the card will connect to the wireless system

If no wireless card you can buy a USB wireless adapter same as the damage one from

most shop that sell computers equipment

  swanny2 13:11 16 Mar 2008

its only a year od mate the lapptop

  swanny2 14:27 16 Mar 2008

ive tryed enabling an disable ,clicked on FN f2 kes an the laptop turns a light on ,as if its on,but stil no connection .

  swanny2 14:28 16 Mar 2008

The laptop is a Amillo fujitsu siemens ,but theres no slider switch on it.

  ambra4 15:59 16 Mar 2008

Does the light that come when you use FN & F2 says WLAN LINK or show a small antenna next to it

All this does is switch on the antenna for the wireless card you now have to enable the card from inside the Network Connection Area

Once you have enable the card; right click on the wireless card-properties at

bottom of display select- show icon in notification area when connected

A small single display will be displayed in the task bar- double click on it and see if you can connect

If still cannot connect right click on the icon and click status

A display will open click support tab

What you should see is the following:

Address Type: Assigned by DHCP

IP Address 192.186.1.XXX which is the Computer IP Address

Subnet Mask

Default Gateway 192.168.X.X which is the router IP Address

If you click the Detail button you will see a lot more information the WINS Server is always blank

Click the repair button and see if it will connect

  swanny2 17:48 16 Mar 2008

cheers mate but ive eenabled it ,an theres like a antenna in me task bar when i click on that just shows a pic my computer > router . internet .but no connections.
The other in the task bar is a pic with 2 pcs on itnetwork connections. when i clik on that i get connect useing VIA compatible Fast Ehernet Adapt network cable unplugged..
So really mate ive no idea..thanks anyway...

  swanny2 18:24 16 Mar 2008

ive just seen a 54g usb Belkin dongle on ebay .like the 1 that ive got broken,now if i get that ,can i just plug it in the laptop as i did b4 ? or has it all got too be set up again.

  ambra4 09:43 17 Mar 2008

If it the same make and model it will work without having to install the driver but will

require some set up the SSID name and security code before you can access the wireless router

If it a difference make and model you will have to install the USB driver and configure

the SSID and security code to access the wireless router

  swanny2 14:47 17 Mar 2008

hi mate my beelkin wireless g router is odel f507230-4

Below is the dongle on ebay
Adds 802.11g wireless networking capabilities to any notebook or desktop computer

Fits any standard 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0 USB slot

Compatible with 802.11b and 802.11g devices

Features wireless 64- and 128-bit WEP Encryption

Works with Windows® 98SE, Me, 2000 and XP

Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty and free Tech Support


  swanny2 19:47 17 Mar 2008

Afriend has just gave me a eTEC 54 Mbps WirelessLan Usb Adaptor dongle ,im not sure if this will work though? i tryed too downlad the driver but it said it might be cirruptand coudlnt load it. im stuck here dont know what do .

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