Router distance problem

  14U2 17:39 27 Feb 2008

I am having trouble getting the internet to my new house.

My mum and dad have recently built a new house on my dads business. We have an office block where the internet comes in and supplies internet to the computers in the office via a wired router.

I am trying to get the internet to my new house to do my homework but it is quite far away from the office and blocked by a metal shed.

I have recently bought a Netgear DG834N to see if i could get a signal to the house and with no look. It is too far away and blocked by the shed.

I have run out of ideas and hope that somebody could help me please.

  Fingees 18:35 27 Feb 2008

I don't quite understand.

Why do you want to get into the office wired router?

Presumably it has wireless ability.

Have you not got a separate phone line for your house?

It just seems very odd to me that you are trying to use a business line.

Perhaps if yo explain in a bit more detail somebody may be able to help.

All the best.

  woodchip 18:38 27 Feb 2008

To save money. It's illegal what you are doing, even if your dad says it's ok

  14U2 19:27 27 Feb 2008


Could you please explain in more detail why it would be illegal, as i wouldn't want to do anything illegal.

All i would like to do is be able to do my homework and look up things for my dad for his business, it is easier to use the internet at home than to open up the offices after tea.

  woodchip 22:09 27 Feb 2008

It's Ok to use it for is Business, but not personal home use. It's not me but the ISP that say they are losing out. As you would be getting a free ride on the network

  DieSse 22:26 27 Feb 2008

"...but it is quite far away from the office and blocked by a metal shed."

Hpw far away - standard wireless only runs over a limited distance. Plus the metal shed is a bit of a no-no.

A cable can be run up to 100m - is that possible?

Illegal??? - How. You mean I can't use the same line for my home and my business (which just happens to be run from home)????

  woodchip 22:30 27 Feb 2008

Yes if you pay for it

  DieSse 22:40 27 Feb 2008

Well of course I pay for it - it's my line. No doubt the line in this case above is being paid for too. I don't understand what you're trying to say.

  woodchip 23:12 27 Feb 2008

The Above is Different, ISP is losing a paying customer. It’s not mush different to logging into a unlocked WiFi connection. Each household should pay for to use a ISP network. Not share one

  DieSse 00:31 28 Feb 2008

Why is it illegal to log onto an unlocked Wi-Fi connection if it's done with consent?

  ambra4 04:42 28 Feb 2008

I don’t see why it is illegal to use you dad business Internet access seeing it's done with your dad consent and all the buildings is on the same compound

If you were connecting to a system next door without constant that would be illegal

Look at this solution to your problem

Base on how far your dad business is from the metal shed run an Ethernet cable from the

wired system to a wireless router inside the metal shed and connects an omni direction

outdoor antenna mounted on top of metal shed

click here

If the distance is to far to run an Ethernet cable look at a Wireless-G Range Extender

connected to the out door antenna

Hawking [HWREG1] Wireless-G Range Extender

click here

Take a read on this posting (Unit now works as it was designed to do, even 175ft away.)

click here

Using a Hi-Gain™ USB Wireless-G Dish Adapter connected to your computer to gain

access to the wireless system via the outdoor antenna mounted on the shed

The range is up to 800 feet with 22 Mbps of throughput.

A signal indicator helps you position the dish adapter for the best signal.

Hawking HWU8DD] Hi-Gain™ USB Wireless-G Dish Adapter

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