router connection software needed

  geedad 13:38 23 Nov 2010

I have just installed a Dir-6715 router on my new HP PC. I need to hand-shake with my old SONY in the same room. I have bought and connected a USB dongle on my Sony. However, I need software for the dongle, ( which did not come with it). Since my HP cannot communicate with my Sony, I am unable to download the software to enable it to talk to the HP.
The dongle is also a D-Link item.
Anyone in a similar situation able to help,please?

  Chris_Byers 13:56 23 Nov 2010

I assume your router is the Edimax 6715 as I cannot find any D-Link products with that name\number. What you have to remember is that the router is a standalone device and should not require any software to work with it.
What you can do is visit the D-link support site at click here and then simply download teh drivers for your dongle to your desktop computer and then transfer these to a USB drive (if you have one) and install them to your laptop. It does seem a little stange that you have purchased a dongle and it dodn't have any drivers in the box, from this (and the) fact your Sony laptop did not have wireless as standard may indicate that it is rather old as any laptop brought wthin the past 5 years has wireless as standard fitted. Anyway, if you can let me know the make\model of both your wireless dongle and laptop it owuld help a lot.

  Woolwell 15:11 23 Nov 2010

It's a DIR 615 router not the Edimax (from previous thread).
You don't need any software for the router.
It's a Sony desktop.
Which model adaptor?

  Woolwell 15:12 23 Nov 2010

Previous thread click here

  Woolwell 15:13 23 Nov 2010

Is the Sony on-line wirelessly now? Is your problem just that the Sony and HP cannot see each other?

  geedad 17:03 23 Nov 2010


You are spot on with the Dir- 615 router, and Sony desktop!
I have connected the D-Link router on my new HP PC, and after swapping the cables that I wrongly connected,have now got my internet service back!
The Sony now has the D-link DWA 140 USB dongle attached, and I thought that with a bit of luck, it would find a driver in situ.Unfortunately, that was not so, and I have downloaded the dongle software from D-Link, and transferred it to a CD.
Hopefully, when I try to install that, it will recognise the router and hand-shake OK.
I WILL LET YOU KNOW HOW I GET ON - grandson has taken over my whole life at the moment!
My apologies to Chris_Byers for the wrong number -it's the new keyboard!

  geedad 14:58 24 Nov 2010

I cannot get the Sony to communicate with the HP PC. The dongle software installed OK, and when I try to go online, the message was 'A network cable is unplugged'.

Lan or High-Speed Internet.
1394 connection -Lan or Hi-speed, Internet Connected, Firewalled.Device 1394 net adapter.
next line.......
Local Area Connection.
Lan or Hi-Speed Internet.
Network cable unplugged, Device Intel Pro/100 Ve, Network connection.

I have telephoned Virginmedia, who suggested it was Norton A/V that was blocking it, but after uninstalling that, the same messages appear.

It seems that the router and the dongle ARE trying to hand-shake, but there are so many different options to choose, from different menus that I am now completely lost!
I AM able to use the internet and email on the HP, and the router seems to be installed OK.
That's my update so far, so iot looks as if I still need the experts in the Forum!

  Woolwell 15:56 24 Nov 2010

You need to do this is stages.

Stage 1 you have already done - installed the dongle.

Stage 2 is to get the dongle/Sony to recognise and connect to the router and get internet on the Sony.

Stage 3 is to get the Sony and HP to talk to each other. This is usually the more difficult of the 3 and involves setting up a network between Windows 7 and XP.

Back to Stage 2:
I don't think that it is Norton that is stopping you getting online. Your Sony is still trying to connect by wire which is why you are getting that message.
When you bought the dongle it should have had a cd in the box. Have you installed the software on that and followed the wizard. You would have had to know your router's wireless security password and SSID.

There should be more help here click here

  geedad 17:03 24 Nov 2010

"Your Sony is still trying to connect by wire which is why you are getting that message."
Yes,. I think you are right about this.

"When you bought the dongle it should have had a cd in the box. Have you installed the software on that and followed the wizard. You would have had to know your router's wireless security password and SSID."
Yes, I did think that, but no CD came with the dongle. When I queried this with the seller, they said to download the installation file from the Internet, which I did. I then copied it to a CD, then installed it on the Sony. It produced an icon, but that did not help!
When you mentioned 'password', I was given a password for a Homegroup network, to enable me to connect other PCs running Windows 7, but I am now more than a little confused, since I cannot remember when it was asked for - but I DID enter one!
I do appreciate your ongoing help, and your complete understanding of my problem.

  woodchip 17:15 24 Nov 2010

Try this, but before you do router as to have Wireless turned on in the router setup page, then go to Control Panel and Double click Network Connections, then click on show wireless connections click on your connection then click connect

  Woolwell 17:21 24 Nov 2010

Did you download the driver and utility from here click here?

When you installed it then the software (D-link wireless manager) should have started a wizard but before that you needed to access your router and set up the wireless security. You may have done this when you installed the router.

Who did you buy it from if it came without the cd?

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