gel 16:24 08 Jul 2006

I have purchased a 3COM Wireless 11g Cable/DSL

My broadband Modem is a Speed Touch 330

supplied from Wandadoo.
The instruction says I should connect one end of the

Router RJ 45 cable to the cable port of the router

and the other end to the modem.But the cable

coming from the modem has a USB connection

attached (currently plugged into my computer) and the cable is secure in the modem.
The instruction then says connect the computer to one of the Lan ports on the router using a 'twisted pair cable ', Is this a RJ-45 cable?
I have previously raised this matter in the forum and had some some replies.
Woodchip offered advice regarding adaptors.
I have been to PC World regarding adaptors but did not get much help.
Can any one sort me please?

  ade.h 17:09 08 Jul 2006

"....the modem has a USB connection"

Then you cannot use it with a router without a USB port. As USB is not a network interface, very few routers have it and it is less likely to work. Cable/DSL routers are intended to receive PPP over Ethernet, which cable services use. Your modem is, by the sound of it, an ADSL modem. ADSL uses PPP over ATM in the UK.

"...a 'twisted pair cable ', Is this a RJ-45 cable?"


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