Router connection

  ellie82 19:20 15 Jan 2008


I have a bt home hub, i have a friend that wants to bring her old laptop round and connect it to my internet. she doesnt have wireless. at home she uses dial up aol. Can i just plug the network cable in the back of the router and it will give her access without any software installation?

I dont want to install anymore software if i can avoid it, its an old congested laptop.


  BurrWalnut 19:40 15 Jan 2008

She needs an Ethernet port on her laptop which is not the same as her dial-up connection.

  ellie82 19:42 15 Jan 2008

yes, i realise she needs an ethernet port. if she has this is it plain sailing?

  ambra4 20:04 15 Jan 2008

First find out if there is a Lan card installed, as older pc did not come with one installed

So that you will have to buy one and install it before connecting to the BT hub

Second what OS Win98/SE or XP

If Win98 it should be updated to SE

Once you have a LAN card you now have set-up the LAN card to allow the pc access to your router

There is no software to install

  ellie82 20:10 15 Jan 2008

thanks ambra, i would find out if there is a lan card by checking the device manager and then network adapters. I know my way around a computer roughly, just not old ones!

If there is no lan card etc, can I just hope there is a slot for a wireless adapter that i can pop in the side? would this bypass the LAN requirement?

  ambra4 21:35 15 Jan 2008

Yes if there is a spare PCI slot you can buy a PCI wireless card, which will allow Internet access also if there is a USB port you can also use a USB wireless adapter

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