Router for Broadband to link 2 computers

  tighmor 19:50 21 Nov 2005

Just got Broadband in our area and installed it a couple of days ago.

Next thing is to connect second machine cia a router.

Local shop sells one about £50 but I see that some are more £100 +.

What should I look for when buying a router?

  CLONNEN 19:57 21 Nov 2005

A combination modem/router is best for connecting multiple computers to a broadband connection.

I like the Netgear models myself as they are aimed at home users and are at the cheaper end of the market.

  mgmcc 21:39 21 Nov 2005

If your broadband is ADSL via the phone line (as opposed to NTL or Telewest "Cable"), then you want a combined "Router/ADSL Modem".

Having established that, you then need to decide whether you want to connect to it "wirelessly" with one or more computers (or whether in the future you may want to). The additional cost of a Wireless Router over a Wired-only one is much less than the cost of having to buy a separate "Wireless Access Point" later in order to upgrade the network.

  keewaa 21:53 21 Nov 2005

I'd second the Netgear recommendation

614 models for cable
834 models for adsl

  diy 22:02 21 Nov 2005

This wired one click here works ok for me.

  DocFox 08:48 22 Nov 2005

Hi, I have a BT Voyager 2100, this is a wireless modem/router with 4 ethernet ports. I use the ethernet ports for my 2 desktops (even though one has built in wireless) and wireless for my two laptops. All work very well, no complaints. The kit costs me £99.99 and included a wireless card for a laptop and one for a desktop - I sold the desktop card and got £25 of my costs back!. The rub - not seen a £99.99 deal since!!!

  Ikelos 13:40 22 Nov 2005

like docFox, I also have the BTvoyager, runs ace.

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