Router blocking second computer?

  iainprice 20:36 02 Mar 2006


My parents have BT broadband... yes I know... they installed their windows 2000 desktop machine as the only machine to use the internet and everything worked fine. They then installed their win98 laptop as THE ONLY MACHINE TO USE THE INTERNET (yes I know they should have clicked on the button saying second machine) and now the laptop works but the desktop does not.

I assume the router is letting the laptop through but blocking the desktop. I know a little about computers and have tried quite a few ideas. I have set the IP manually on both machines and set the laptop to
as it wants and the desktop to

I have tried to uninstall the desktop but it won't die... every time you insert the CD, BT thinks you are half way through... I've even tried killing it using regedit to remove the registry keys.

The latop works on USB but no matter how I connect the desktop - ethernet or USB - at the same time as the laptop or on its own, it just won't work.

The desktop knows the router is there and complains if you unplug but you cannot access it at all. On the flip side I can access the router config from the laptop but I don't know where to go to tell it to allow the desktop.

I'm sure this is simple to someone who knows but it's fooling me. The problem is my parent use the machine for their business so need it up and running.... help please.

  keewaa 21:33 02 Mar 2006

It might be the MAC filtering section where it only allows certain MAC addresses, or in IP blocking. What router is it?

  iainprice 22:04 02 Mar 2006

BT voyager 210

  ade.h 22:17 02 Mar 2006

Most MAC filtering systems only apply to wireless clients and don't bother to block wired clients.

I say "most" because I can't comment on that feature with every single brand of router.

I would check it just to be sure.

  iainprice 22:21 02 Mar 2006

Do I need to set the mac address on the desktop to the same as the laptop? Or try to tell the router to accept the address of the desktop?

  keewaa 22:30 02 Mar 2006

<<<Do I need to set the mac address on the desktop to the same as the laptop? >>>

No every adapter has an individual MAC address built into it during manufacture.

Or try to tell the router to accept the address of the desktop?

Yes, or more likely tell it not to block it, same thing really. (But it might not be anything to do with MAC addresses)

  iainprice 08:29 03 Mar 2006

Does anyone have a 210 so can tell me which menu I need to look at?

Thanks for all the help so far....

  keewaa 12:02 03 Mar 2006

BT make it so hard to find manuals on the net, I tried but couldn't find it :(

Most manufacturers have them all as pdf files under the support section.

  iainprice 17:25 03 Mar 2006

Still can't find where to enter the MAC address of the desktop computer. I know all routers are different abd a 210 doesn't seem to have any manuals but where do you add MAC addresses on other machines? It might be similar.....

  ade.h 18:08 03 Mar 2006

They all vary; for Belkin, it's called MAC Address Filtering and is listed on the left pane under the Wireless heading. Unfortunately, not all router configs are as logically laid out as Belkin's. It does not always use the same name or sit under the same section.

  keewaa 19:16 03 Mar 2006

Just realised the BT210 is only designed to let 2 computers connect, 1 via ethernet and 1 via USB, so I doubt it actually has MAC filtering. Is there a manual on any CD that came with it? cause without a manual I don't know what effect ""installing as THE ONLY MACHINE TO USE THE INTERNET "" has had on it.

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