Router - Belkin Wireless N Router.

  swapper 22:36 30 Nov 2010

I am with Virgin Media and use a motorola SB1501E Surfboard at the moment.
VM want £60 one off payment, or £12pm to supply a router and increase my BB speed (I am quite happy with my present speed).
I have seen a new Belkin Wireless N Router on e-bay for much cheaper.

As I know nothing about these things, would this suffice and would this router have a cable connection for my tower if I wanted. I would like a router for my laptop use in another room away from the Tower, and for use of my friend when he visits.
I would appreciate any advice.


  Woolwell 22:56 30 Nov 2010

You will need to supply the model of the Belkin router. There are routers suitable for cable and other suitable for adsl.

  letsgetrdy 01:54 01 Dec 2010

You can most likely bend their arm with regards to the router cost. I know someone who recently rang virgin pretending that BT had been posting them tempting offers, he asked what they could do for him, a long time customer, since NTL days. They took £5 off his monthly bill and upped his speed from 10mb to 20mb for free. So £60 less a year for twice the speed, and he isn't even a polite guy on the phone!

Trust me, they are desperate to keep customers, and them call centre staff have bargaining chips.

  letsgetrdy 02:03 01 Dec 2010

I myself went from 2mb, to 40mb, for free.. about 8 months ago.

I was stuck on BT upto 8mb for a couple of years, then BT upto 20mb for another one.. they kept increasing their "upto", when all along i was stuck on crappy 2mb due to my distance from the exchange.

When i saw they were bringing out fibre optic 40mb.. i signed up my interest online. They rang me, and sorted it. Free installation (some wiring behind sockets, switch over to fibre backbone at the cabinet) and free hub and modem. They have made no profit from doing it, and its just meant that i can hit 1tb of downloads in less than a couple of weeks, rather than 5 or 7 months lol. In all i guess ive spent more due to buying a lot more hard drives. But it shows you that they do value present customers, you just have to remind them you exist.

  KremmenUK 06:53 01 Dec 2010

If only BT didn't have such a pathetic offshore customer service centre I might be interested.

Because my phone is with BT I get phoned fairly regularly to ask if I want to switch to their broadband and I can hardly understand what they're saying.
Ask them a question that's not on any of their cue-cards and they're stuck.

  swapper 07:21 01 Dec 2010

Thank you all very much, this what is advertised and it seems plain enough, any opinions please?.

Wireless Protocol: WLAN 802.11n Number of RJ-45 LAN Ports: 4 Ports
Connecting the Belkin N Wireless Router to your cable or DSL modem lets you share your broadband Internet account with all your networked computers. The N wireless router uses draft 802.11n technology and Intelligent MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) spatial multiplexing techniques which greatly increases speed, coverage, and the reliability of the wireless network. N wireless router offers a quick and efficient way for people to distribute music, photos, and files among the networked computers in their home.

This adapter, N Wireless USB Adapter, is being offered at £13 with this package, something I had not even thought of, I must have something plugged into the Laptop to transmit to the Router, what an idiot.

My speed averages about 9.5mb, and I am quite happy with this at the moment, but do routers affect the overall speed by much?

And why is there such a variation in the price of Routers?

Thanks again for your comments

  swapper 07:24 01 Dec 2010

I've just realised, I have asked in the wrong Forum, sorry!
Shall I leave as is?

  Woolwell 09:49 01 Dec 2010

Looks like a router suitable for cable but without the model number it is difficult to check.
e-bay prices can vary and you may be able to get similar from a different store at not all that different price and with better support/warranty.

If your laptop is recent then it will probably have a built in wireless card.

Your speed is about the same as mine. I use a N standard router. Wireless speeds are not as fast as connected by cable.

Difference in prices is generally due to whether N standard or not, range of router and other facilities built in. Have a look at the reviews.

  swapper 16:55 08 Dec 2010

Thanks everyone, I bought the Belkin and USB adapter it is fine, but I am more than confused!

I have Virgin cable, laptop with Vista and Tower with XPpro

The Tower is still wired, and the laptop set up is o.k. with the adapter, nice secured connection etc..
However, this morning I went on line with the Laptop, no problem, and I suddenly relized that I had not connected th USB adapter.
I am sure (I think) that the laptop does not have a internal facility to connect to the internet, how can I find out what is installed?
I have downloaded Belarc, but do not know what I am looking for.

  Woolwell 18:22 08 Dec 2010

Most recent laptops do have wireless built in as I said earlier. What is the make and model?

  swapper 06:38 09 Dec 2010

Woolwell, thanks for the response.

The tag on the bottom says "Product - Compaq 6715b
cnu 7302cjt"

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