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  TomG 11:11 19 Jun 2006


I'm currently using a belkin F5D7633 router (my pcs are using belkin F5D7050 usb adapters).

currently i have a problem where the broadband signal keeps dropping, either there is no phone light on the router or there is a red light (which i think means it cannot coonect to the isp), if i change the modem and use the one supplied by my isp (a speedtouch modem) I don't seem to have any problems.

The red light issue is usually resolved by removing the mains cable for 5 seconds but if there are no lights its just a matter of waiting (rebooting doesn't correct it).

belkin say i need the line testing but they cannot say why the speedtouch works all the time nor have they given me a reason for the red light.

When the conncetion comes back up I sometimes have to reboot the router because none of my pcs are able to link to the router

My isp is talktalk - but I had a similar problem when i was with wanadoo.

Considering that the red light issue is solved by cutting the power i suspect the router may be faulty so - can anyone recommend a manufaturer? I want the router to be compatible with my belking adapters and be capable of useing 128 bit wep (16 key hexadecimal)

  ade.h 14:20 19 Jun 2006

Belkin is correct in its assessment - your ADSL signal is not quite strong enough for the router. You must remember that modem/routers tend to be more sensitive to gain deficiencies and other line problems than conventional modems.

You have not mentioned whether the RJ11 goes into the main BT socket, an approved extension or a DIY extension. This is something that you need to look at carefully. You may also like to make a small modification that bypasses the old redundant bell circuit in the main socket, which will improve the gain. Link to follow.

  ade.h 14:22 19 Jun 2006

By the way; why did you opt for an ADSL2+ router (the 33) when the cheaper 32 is more than sufficient and a more sorted product? If you actually use ADSL2+, please confirm, as this puts a different perspective on your problems.

  ade.h 14:22 19 Jun 2006
  TomG 19:16 19 Jun 2006


It plugs directly (via a filter) into the bt socket. I'm using thi smodel as its a replacement belkin sent me when my last one packed up.

I've read a few posts on here from people, with belkin modems who also have a similar problem.

Their solution it to raise the modem a bit - there are vents are on the top and the bottom and it seems the modem over heats. I've just put a few coins under each corner and will see how that goes.

I had the phone socket wiring checked about 6 weeks ago and the bt guy found no fault.

  ade.h 20:00 19 Jun 2006

When I have set up a Belkin for someone, I advise them that it will get hotter than most and it should be placed in a cool, well vented location. My 32 gets turned off at night.

  TomG 22:07 19 Jun 2006

this seems to be the solution - don't you have to re-enter all the settings?

  ade.h 22:56 19 Jun 2006

No. None whatsoever. Otherwise I wouldn't do it.

  TomG 08:51 20 Jun 2006

Thanks ade.h

At the moment i've raised it about a quarter of an inch off the surface (its in my hall with nothing near it to block airflow), see how it goues with the improved airflow.


  TomG 09:02 23 Jun 2006

Well the number of red light incidents has drastically (but not totally) gone which brings me back to me original questions.

  marsman 21:37 23 Jun 2006

Throw it in the trash can, Belkin routers are rubbish

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