jammiemc 00:06 05 May 2012

we are currently running a desktop and 3 laptops but think we may need a new router our internet is very very slow will a new router improve things and if so can you recommend one that would be suitable to run upto 4 pcs

  lotvic 00:25 05 May 2012

Whatever router you get your bandwidth (download speed) will still be shared out between the devices attached to it. ie: if you download at 5Mbps and 2 pcs are downloading at the same time they have to share the 5Mbps (not an equal share - it depends on what each pc is doing) Also if you use wireless that is a slower speed than the speed from router via a cable to pc/laptop.

However if you have a very old router it might be time to get a new one. Have you done any download speed tests? is a good one to use.

  onthelimit1 09:25 05 May 2012

When you run the speedtest, try it with just the PC connected to give you a true guide.

  spuds 09:44 05 May 2012

If you want to find out more about broadband, then is well worth a look, because it contains a massive amount of information, if you dig deep enough.

Regarding replacing the router, then check to see if you are on a LLU provided system, because if you are, then there are some router's (with better chipsets) that can apparently perform far better.

But on the whole, take into consideration that you can overload, especially if your provider as a contention block ratio or reliant on a poor infrastructure.

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