gfergie 10:58 15 Nov 2008

I have recently changed over from a Speedtouch 330 Modem to a D-link Router which works fine but when I log on to BT/Yahoo I still get the dial up window come up and then an error message saying that it cannot find my modem.
I then cancel this and everything works ok.
How can I stop this annoying window from appearing?

  crosstrainer 11:01 15 Nov 2008

Right click your internet explorer icon
Choose internet properies.

Tick the "Never dial a connection" button.

  crosstrainer 11:02 15 Nov 2008

Properties :)

  gfergie 11:08 15 Nov 2008

Thanks Crosstrainer.
Its so easy when you know how.

  crosstrainer 11:09 15 Nov 2008

:)) Glad your sorted. Stupid machines :))

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