Hucky 13:15 11 Aug 2006

hi...i have a bt voyager usb asdl modem at the moment and am going to use a router 4 another i have to uninstall bt one before installing new router..ta

  ade.h 13:22 11 Aug 2006

Best practice? Yes. Minimal? Adjust your connection settings to prohibit dial-out attempts.

  ade.h 13:23 11 Aug 2006
  Batch 13:46 11 Aug 2006

I don't see the need to uninstall BT usb modem.

The modem is a dial-up device with all of the connection information (login, passweord etc. for the broadband service) stored on the PC and specific relevant software installed and appears very much like a ordinary dial-up service on the PC.

With a an ADSL modem router (assume that's what you mean) the router has all of the connection information (there is no specific software installed)- as far as the PC is concerned it has a network connection to another device. You access the router settings via your browser (entering a local network address like click here ).

There is no conflict with both still installed.. You just use one or the other. The router would normally be on and connected by default. You could then try the usb modem if there's a problem with the router connection. If you want to play safe you could just leave the usb modem unplugged from the usb port.

That's exactly what I do and for good reason. My ISP supplied the usb modem whereas I bought the router (and the ISP won't troubleshoot problems associated with it). On the occassions where the broadband service doesn't work (using the router), I disconnect from the router (pull the network cable / line cable) and plug in the usb modem instead and try to connect - just to prove it isn't a problem at my end.

  ade.h 14:35 11 Aug 2006

It creates the well-known issue of your browser failing to recognise that the internet connection should be coming from the LAN. As I said above, the minimum that you must do is remove the ability to dial out, but with a lot of modem/ISP software running actively, that kind of software should be disabled or removed to avoid problems.

It is a question that crops up at least every week in the Networking section.

  FelixTCat 14:44 11 Aug 2006


You can leave the USB modem in place if you wish. Go into Control Panel - Internet Options - Connections and tick Never dial a connection. Your system will then always look to the router for its internet connection.

Do not plug the adsl phone wire into both a USB modem and a modem router at the same time - if you need to use the USB modem, move the adsl line. Then use the modem software to connect.



  Batch 18:33 11 Aug 2006

Afraid the issue you refer to is not well known (at least to me), even though I have USB modem software installed, but use router.

I never ever have a problem - maybe because I've always had my connection set-up as (as FelixTCat says) "Never dial a connection". I had it like this even when using a 56k dial-up modem so that I maintained control.

  ade.h 18:38 11 Aug 2006

"...(at least to me)"

Your second para shows that you are in fact aware of it, perhaps unwittingly.

  Batch 19:20 11 Aug 2006

afraid not - never heard of such an issue until you raised it - are you possibly the only one that's aware of it?

anyhow, once the router is set-up, the appropriate setting is surely "Never dial a connection", so where is the problem?

  ade.h 20:24 11 Aug 2006

I already expalained in full, but I'll type it again for you. Some ADSL modem software runs actively; its attempts to control/establish a connection can conflict with the LAN in some installations. I have had to fix this issue on a few PCs. And no, I am sure that I am not the only one who is aware of it. End of subject.

  phono 21:14 11 Aug 2006

I'm with Batch and FelixTCat on this one, I also have a USB modem installed but use a Netgear DG834 router to connect to ADSL and I have never had an issue.

The USB modem was retained for exactly the same reason Batch stated, I can use it as a fall back in the event I have a problem as my ISP will only support the supplied hardware, having said that, In all the years that the router has been conected I have never had to revert to the USB modem so it's probably a bit "belt and braces".

Most, in fact probably all routers, now have a setup wizard wgich will automate to a large extent their configuration so a problem should seldom arise and I do not see the need to uninstall a USB modem.

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