dawnal 13:13 11 Mar 2005

I have two PC's, both running windows XP and both in the same room. I am considering changing to broadband and would like each machine to be able to access the internet independently of each other. I understand that I can do this using a router. Can anyone tell me if this is all I need or will there be any other hardware, or software, requirement. If anyone has any opinions about the best broadband service and/or routers I would be grateful to hear them also.


  xania 13:39 11 Mar 2005

You will need a modem as well as a router - sometimes you can get a combined router/modem. You need a cable from the telephone to the modem, a second to the router and one from the router to each of the PCs. Required software will come with the equipment, as will most if not all cables. In addition, you will need a slitter on each telephone point on which you have a telephone. Some of the equipment may be offered by an ISP, but this will be limierd to one splitter, a modem and the cables for a single PC. SO far a ISPs are concerned, you pay your money and take your choice. I pay more for Claranet, but their service and technical support is excellent. You can pay 50% less and you get what comes. For a slightly less biased view click here.

  SEASHANTY 14:05 11 Mar 2005
  JayDay 15:35 11 Mar 2005

Thanks for the info I'm interested in this as well. To share the connection do both computers have to be switched on??

  JayDay 16:03 11 Mar 2005

Read seashanty's link and answer my question. Both PC's need to be switched on to use ICS.

  SEASHANTY 19:53 11 Mar 2005

Using a reouter for internet connection both PC's will work independently. i.e. you do not have to have both switched on. Evidently for file sharing you will need both PC's to be switched on. There are many internet connection links on the PCA Network Forum especially this thread
click here

  SEASHANTY 19:54 11 Mar 2005

Start of the last posting should read :-
Using a router........

  josie mayhem 21:25 11 Mar 2005

I was quite suprise how cheaply I built mine. I have the same set up in my 'office' (once the spare bedroom) I've used a wired router/modem with 4 ports the cost including an etha card for my older computer and a patch cable that I didn't need, came to approx £70 quid, which wasn't bad because I used a local computer shop.

A search of the net should lower the price even more.

Both my computers independantly gain access to the internet, and when both are using the net, I find no real slowdown of speed. And my isp onetel, haven't said anything about extra payments because two computers are using it, but there have never been any problems with connecting. Infact I'm here now and my daughters is on the 'rednose' web page..

  Strawballs 00:21 12 Mar 2005

Is your ISP Cable or BT Phone line

  Forum Editor 09:06 12 Mar 2005

and connect one of the computers to it via the Ethernet cable that is supplied with the router. You'll need to use this cable to set the router up initially anyway, and unless the PC is some way from the router you may as well leave it connected permanently - thus saving the cost of a wireless network adapter for that machine. You will of course need to have an Ethernet network card in that computer, but nowadays most machines come equipped with one anyway.

The other computer will need a wireless network adapter, and this can either be an internal, PCI card type or, if you aren't happy about opening up the case to install one of those, you can use an external USB adapter - they're not expensive. If you use a USB adapter be sure to install the software for it before you plug it in.

All you need to do then is configure the router via the first PC - full instructions will come in the pack - and you'll be able to share your broadband connection with any computer that is in range. You will not need to have both machines running; the router will work independently, and any machine can access the internet without any others being turned on.

My own broadband service comes from BT Yahoo, I've used BT (before their connection with Yahoo) since broadband first started in the UK, and I can't really fault the service. Others will no doubt have their own favourite ISP.

As far as routers go, I tend to favour Netgear or Belkin models. Any USB wireless adapter or PCI Ethernet card will work with any wireless router, so don't worry about compatibility issues.

  SEASHANTY 10:23 12 Mar 2005

You can only use the combined modem/router on ADSL
connections. On NTL cable (and presumably also on Telewest) they supply the cable modem. Mine is a standalone cable modem badged NTL:home but its actually made by Ambit International. I use the Linksys wired BEFSR41 four port router with switch connected to the NTL cable modem to connect three PC's to the internet. This allows independent use and has ben trouble free for almost three years now.

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