Round pics in Paint Shop Pro 8

  24bitkid 22:40 13 Dec 2005

I have a square image that I would like to make oval in paint shop pro 8.

Anyone know an easy and quick way to do this?

  Simsy 22:59 13 Dec 2005

is to use the selection tool.

In the options for this tool select "Elipse"

Selct the oval that you want.


Edit>Paste>Paste as new image

Hope this helps.



  MAJ 23:12 13 Dec 2005

Remember that all images are either square or rectangular, although you can get them to appear as other shapes, as Simsy has demonstrated.

  Simsy 06:42 14 Dec 2005

all images are rectangular... but just for clarification, they can have areas that are transparent.



  [email protected] 09:06 14 Dec 2005

If you have a square image that you make round and want a transparent edge to,(so it appears just round, not round in a square white box) first set the background on the page to transparent, (so when you copy as a new image it will use the last settings for the page and paste to a transparent page).Then go to file Eport>export as Gif optimiser.
You will need to play around with the settings in the wizard so that you don't get black lines around small pixels of colour, but it can be done quite easily.
You can then insert the image into progs. such as Publisher, as a round image and transparent square !!

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