Rotating images not working

  ade.h 22:55 30 Oct 2005

I'm trying to make use of the rotating banner feature in NOF. It's similar to the rotating image tool, but has options for fade effects and so on. At the moment, I'm testing it on my free webspace with some clipart images (they'll be some of my photos eventually.

Nothing is displaying in any of my browsers; could anyone throw some light on why it may not be working? Is it a plug-in issue or something?

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  ade.h 23:04 30 Oct 2005

If anyone can see anything there should be three water scenes fading between each other.

  PurplePenny 23:10 30 Oct 2005

I can see the fading water scenes in Firefox, Opera and IE. Have you got Java?

  anchor 15:29 31 Oct 2005

I cannot seeing anything in IE but a grey rectangle. Yes, I have got Java.

  PurplePenny 17:19 31 Oct 2005

This may be a clue: I can see the images in all browsers on the laptop but I've just had a look from the PC and I can't see the images; just the grey rectangle.

Laptop is running Sun Java 1.4

PC is running Sun Java 1.3.1

  ade.h 19:10 31 Oct 2005

Hi Penny, thanks for your response.

I don't have Sun Java installed as far as I know. I assumed that, because Firefox and Opera have tick boxes to allow or disregard the use of Java, it was already part of their installations.

I recently tried this method on another site project, and it dislayed correctly when previewed in IE. (IE is the default preview browser in NOF, though it can be changed). However, this attempt has not worked in any of my browsers.

Is there more than one type of Java, or is it just Sun?

Will many people have it? As I apparently don't, I suspect that many of my site visitors won't either. I prefer to avoid using techniques that cause problems without the right plugin, as it can be off-putting. I really wanted to use this technique to brighten up a home page.

I may have a look at NOF's self-contained Java-bean option; I dont; know much about it, but I think it's for creating Java applets that will run on anything.

I'll get back soon.

  PurplePenny 19:52 31 Oct 2005

When you download Opera you choose whether to download Java or not. I can't remember with Firefox, I think that it might be a plug-in. I seem to recall that I had to go and get it when I installed Firefox at work. I believe that some people have had problems getting Firefox to recognise Java if they already had it when they installed Firefox (memo to self ... that probably explains why Java applets always crash Firefox on the PC ....).

I can't remember all the details but there used to be two versions of Java Sun and Microsoft but Sun got a court ruling to stop MS's version.

Maybe you have the MS Java. The problem may be nothing to do with the version ... it was just the only thing that I could see that was different between the laptop, which shows the images, and the PC, which doesn't.

  ade.h 19:52 31 Oct 2005

Okay, I've dowloaded Sun Java and it's 3 out of 3. So far so good, but it leaves me a bit wary of using this technique if visitors are going to need a download just to view it.

Regarding my comment about trying this before and finding no problems, I remember that this was in fact a slightly different method whereby the images just alternated with no special effects.

Are there any alternative methods that create the same effect without Java? (I suspect maybe not, but though I'd ask anyway...)

  ade.h 20:26 21 Nov 2005

It's been ages now (I'd forgotten about to be honest) so I'll close this thread and tick it off.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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