ROM Drive tray operating independently

  binkitone 20:12 21 May 2003

For the past several days my DVD ROM drive tray is opening and closing on its own, usually after the PC been on for half an hour or so. The frequency is increasing, the Hard Drive (light)appears to operate at the same time.
I'm watching it now as I type! Its driving me mad.
Help please
(whether it's related, last weekend, I had replaced my CPU heat sink with a 'VOLCANO 7 Plus' to try and lower cpu/chassis temp.)

  Rtus 21:07 21 May 2003

.Sugestion..try disabling any other none-essential programs running in background (msconfig)you dont say which O/S ..Also if you have access to another CDrom drive try that instead .. the last time I had this the Drive failed a week after trying te above..

  VoG™ 22:40 21 May 2003

Do a virus scan. This is free click here

  binkitone 19:31 22 May 2003

I,m runing Win98SE, no other programs running,what is(msconfig),done a virus scan (VoG™)reports OK.
As I type, I now notice DVD drive busy (and HD)light on and won't manually eject? Checked 'My Computer', now the 'D'drive disappeared, only the 'E'drive (my other CD RW drive), which seems ok? Plot thickens?
Does this mean my DVD has really gone and why is the HD light staying on?

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