Rogue Spear and desk top icons.

  concise 22:19 02 Jun 2004

Anybody know why after playing RogueSpear on my PC
(W98)the desktop icons become re-arranged into a rather neat but not wanted block top leftish on screen? And how do I prevent this? No unkind remarks about still playing RogueSpear, please, I am rather sensitive.

  Pearly Gates |X|X| 22:31 02 Jun 2004

Does the screen resolution change for this game and are your icons not set to autoarrange?

  THE TERMINATOR 22:33 02 Jun 2004

Does Rogue Spear change your resolution by any chance? This may account for your icons moving about. TT

  concise 00:10 03 Jun 2004

Thanks for responding. Screen resolution is the same for pc screen and game i.e. 1024 x 768. I set out the icons manually, click "line up" to neaten them and then "update desktop". I may have changed from 'high color' to 'true color'. Could this be it? I'll check it out in the morning! and report.
Thanks again.

  concise 10:31 03 Jun 2004

After trying all combinations of colour and resolution and interminable episodes of Rogue spear (perhaps never again), during the desk top setting up procedure I eventually got round to clicking "refresh". Problem solved. That's what happens if you empty your mind playing follish games.


  concise 16:17 04 Jun 2004

No. It's started doing it again!?!?

  Pearly Gates |X|X| 17:29 04 Jun 2004

Use the autoarrange feature

  concise 22:51 04 Jun 2004

Tried the auto arrange and it immediately auto arranged them in the same way that Rogue spear does which is far removed from how I set them out.
I guess there is a clue here but not to me I'm afraid.

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