Rogue Prooram?

  Les 13:12 28 Jan 2005

Here we go again! My neighbour has another problem. He had switched on his computer and a box came up on screen asking him to do a privacy scan. He called me, I right clicked the icon , and, under properties I found that the program had been stored in the Cl\Program Files\Privacy Scanner and here is the curious part, it was dated 3pm 27 Jan 2005 - he swears that no one was in the house at that time! Clearly he is lying his head off - someone must have been - ot wasn't him and that is all I am certain of. Nos, has anyone heard of a progam called 'PScan'? At appeared legit but, of course, I didn't run it - I deleted the whole folder instead.

A virus scan on the computer revealed that there was no virus on the machine and his virus scanner AVG 7 is, he assures me, is up to date.

It's amazing how many times he gets in 'trouble'! Nevertheless, curiousity has been aroused - anyone else had this happen?

  recap 13:34 28 Jan 2005

This may have come from his anti-virus program. Mcafee has a privacy scanner incorporated in it's software.

If it is not part of his anti-virus program do a search for spy ware.

  Graham ® 13:38 28 Jan 2005

It's an HP program click here

  mattyc_92 13:39 28 Jan 2005

I haven't had this problem before (and never heard of PScan, but it does ring some bells not sure why maybe I have heard of

Have you tried using ad-ware on this system... Also he MAY be telling the truth... Sometimes the system creates files and doesn't "stamp" the correct time and date onto it!!! (Has happened to my old computer and around 2 months after the motherboard and bois suddenly decided to say the have got a virus and wouldn't even turn on so that I could format it after the BOIS said that it detected a virus....

If he is getting all of these problems, then why don't you just format his system and re-install everything or when you got the system working again clone the heathly version of the system onto a "hidden" partition and don't tell hime you have hidden a partition with an exact copy of the system otherwise he may try to get into the hidden partition and delete everything/change stuff!!!

  Les 14:49 28 Jan 2005

Graham: Thanks Graham - he does have an HP Printer - had it for years - could be he got onto their site and downloaded the file - who knows? He's gonna say that he didn't download anything!

recap: I use the same AVG 7 and have not seen any sign of 'his' box.

mattyc_92: Yes he does have AdAware - as you probably know these malware dataminers get downloaded whenever you 'trawl' the net but they don't (or haven't so far!) actually downloaded a large program to my computer and, if they did, boy - are we in trouble!! I know that he does trawl where it can be dangerous as I recently removed 6 viruses and no less than 503 dataminers!
That is why I put Adaware and AVG on his machine.
As for reformatting and reinstalling everything - that is a sensible idea but such is his nature that I am reluctant to even suggest it. However, it was good thinking and I thank you for it

Anyway, perhaps he will, some day, learn how not to use his computer and to be very aware of what programs he installs - and you can bet on that someone in his family did download the program from somewhere!

Thanks to you all

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