Rogue CD-RW ?

  sutemil 21:47 28 Oct 2007

Tried to format new Samsung Pleomax CD-RW10X but error at verifying disc stage ' Illegal address block (0x40000b). You will not be able to write this disc'
Before I try to get money back, is this a faulty/duff product or is my disc-drive(IDE-CD R/RW 8x4x32)telling me its the wrong product?

  Taff™ 08:08 29 Oct 2007

CD-RW disks are notoriously unreliable in my opinion. If you want to be persistent I`d reformat the disk and try again but reduce the write speed by half. I`ve also found that verification fails but the disc is useable anyway.

To be honest, ordinary CD disks cost about 12-16 pence these days and It`s hardly worth the effort to use rewritables, simply burn another disk.

It is also quite likely that your burner isn`t compatible with the media you`ve chosen. I`ve several CD-RW disks that won`t work in my laptop but are fine in my tower. Again it`s a little expensive buying different makes just to suit each burner.

  tullie 15:05 29 Oct 2007

Why try to format a cd,its not necessary?

  Totally-braindead 17:19 29 Oct 2007

I no longer use RW disks as I had too many problems. If you create a multisession disk you can keep adding files till its full and that as far as I am concerned is much more reliable.
If the files are important and irreplaceable such as photos I make 2 copies and check I can read them both every couple of months. If there was a problem I would immediatly burn a copy from the working disk.

If you really want to use RW disks then try another one or if that fails try another make. And as has been said drop the burn speed.

  Taff™ 06:29 30 Oct 2007

Re-Writable CD`s need formatting when used with some burning software (e.g Sonic) You format them to allow you to use them like a floppy disk which allows you to replace files on the disk and overwrite.

  tullie 16:25 01 Nov 2007

Well i will be a son of a gun!!Dident know that,just that whatever burning software ive used,i havent needed to do it.Theres somethng new to learn every day.

  Arnie 16:09 02 Nov 2007

As he, I burn everything twice.

Blank CDs are so cheap nowadays it's not worth using CDRWs using drag and drop methods.

Use DVD-R discs to maximise your data storage.

Just fill them up as required with all your music on one set of discs and photos on another set.

USB pen drives can be used for drag and drop if required.

  crosstrainer 16:15 02 Nov 2007

Been using ultra cheap Tesco's RW's for ages now...they never let me down! I only use high quality dual layer media in my PVR for this I use Traxdata simply because I can get more high res telly on them.

Backing up to DVD is a thing of the past really, I have a 500gb external with folders for all my PC's and my laptop...I backup to this regularly. Even high quality DVD media will decay over time.

  Arnie 09:14 03 Nov 2007

"Even high quality DVD media will decay over time."

True, but don't you think they are more robust than an external hard drive?

If I was using an external drive, I would still feel happier additionally backing up my data to DVD discs.

  crosstrainer 11:38 03 Nov 2007

(and I do) do both, but in answer to your question, no...a quality external hdd is far more long lived than any dvd, cd media....especially as, if only used for backup purposes, it doesn't get thrased the way it would if it had to work it's socks off all the time as a boot or data drive.

  Arnie 12:36 03 Nov 2007

"a quality external hdd is far more long lived than any dvd, cd media..."

I am very surprised at your statement considering the complexity of any electronic drive device versus a simple media, (basically a solid state device).

The following is an excerpt from this site.

click here

By late-1999, the take-up of DVD-R remained slow and the drives were prohibitively expensive - at around 10 times the cost of a DVD-Rewritable drive - having been further impacted by the appearance of DVD-ROM drives capable of reading DVD-RAM discs in mid-1999. Its large capacity and durability - its media has a typical life expectancy of better than 100 years - make it a good choice for the long-term archival of any information that can be stored digitally.

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