exdragon 16:55 01 Oct 2008

Hi - I know some of you use this, so perhaps someone could give me a clue: I'm trying to set up a passcard for one of my bank accounts, which has a customer ID on the first page. Clicking 'submit' then goes to the second page, where I have to enter another security number. It's always the same number.

I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, or if it's the bank's security, but each time I try to log in via RoboForm, I get a 'Session has expired' message from the bank, although I logged off after using it previously.

I've had alook at the manual, but can only find information on what to do if you have to put in different numbers each time.


  rawprawn 17:11 01 Oct 2008

I use RoboForm to log in at my bank and other financial institutions with no trouble.I think it may be your settings in IE. For a start go to Tools>Internet Options>Advanced and check that Do not save encrypted pages to disk in "Security" is not ticked. Also check that Cookies are enabled

  exdragon 17:28 01 Oct 2008

rawprawn - I'm using Firefox, but have used the Installer which makes it work. I've also checked that Cookies are enabled. My Capital One credit card works perfectly.

Seems a bit odd!

  exdragon 17:48 01 Oct 2008

I can't get it to work with anything which has a 2 page login, by the look of it, so I'm obviously doing somehting wrong somewhere.

Another of my accounts has an ID and dob on page 1, then variable details from my password and memorable names/places etc

  MIke 18:18 01 Oct 2008

I get the samee problem if I use the bookmarks in the Roboform toolbar to go to my banking site. If I use the bookmarks within Firefox, or Favorites with IE then I can log in using Roboform no problem. Is your Bank by any chance?

  exdragon 18:30 01 Oct 2008

Hi, Mike - no, I've got Alliance & Leicester and the Coventry Building Society. I use the Firefox bookmarks, but I wonder if I first type the address in, instead of using the bookmark, if that would make a difference. Don't see why, though as it works fine with 'single page' logins!

I'll try it tomorrow - I've been faffing about with this for hours, I've had enough and am off out!

  rawprawn 18:40 01 Oct 2008

Which bank, I have no trouble with Barclays, HSBC or YBS.Either in IE or Firefox.

  GaT7 19:07 01 Oct 2008

Couple of ways that may help getting round the 2-page login problem:

1. Tell the first login page to save your Customer ID details (this is done through browser cookies & not RF - lasts several months for me). Then use RF only for the 2nd login page, OR

2. Create 2 logins with slightly different names. E.g. as your bank is Alliance & Leicester, you can create 'A & L 1' for the 1st login page & 'A & L 2' for 2nd login page (w/o the 'quotes', & subsitute more appropriate names if necessary).

I've noticed certain secure sites are fussy/sensitive to RF's 'Filling & Submit' feature. Instead, I choose 'Fill Forms' only, wait a few seconds & then manually click on the button on the website. G

  exdragon 23:17 01 Oct 2008

Thanks, Crossbow7, I'll give it a go tomorrow, I don't think it's a good idea to play around with it after a few drinks!

I'll leave the thread open in case I need to come back to it.

  exdragon 20:21 02 Oct 2008

I can't get my head round this at all! The first page says Login, the 2nd one asks for my Customer Number while the 3rd one wants a security number.

When I click Login, page 2 already has the relevant number saved, but it isn't until I complete page 3 that I get the Roboform offer to create its own Login for me.

If you've got bored, with this, I quite understand if you don't rep;y!

  GaT7 20:44 02 Oct 2008

As the 1st 2 pages don't require any input from you or RF, just set RF to remember the 3rd page login details. G

P.S. I don't know what your page 3 looks like, but if it has the drop-down-list type selection (like my bank had in the past), RF will not be able to save login details.

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