Josquius 10:59 23 Mar 2003

I bought a 2400+xp amd athalon processor yet when I start my computer it only mentions a 1.8+.
Have they given me the wrong processor?
I hear 2ghz are really 1.5 ghz and whatever so is this just a case of that? Thats what I thought originally but then there is the +...

  mole44 11:06 23 Mar 2003

your getting confused in the fog of the giga hertz war AMD calculate there chips in a different way to intel

  A Pound of Sausages 11:06 23 Mar 2003

The "2400" part of the name is only a "Performance Rating". It's the estimate of what the equivalent old Athlon would be needed to match the speed of this new one.

  snotgoblingit 11:18 23 Mar 2003

Even so, the XP2400 runs at 2Ghz so even if it is not being recognised as an XP2400 it should be running at 2Ghz.CHeck your BIOS and see if it is running at 133 FSB and a multiplier of 15x

  Josquius 11:40 24 Mar 2003

Haven't done anything like that for years...
How exactly would I do that?
Something to do with when the computer boots up isn't it?

  Josquius 11:50 31 Mar 2003

How do you check bios then?

  medicine hat 12:12 31 Mar 2003

What does Windows Device Manager say it is?

  Josquius 14:16 02 Apr 2003

Oh windows device manager, dunno why I was thinking dos and crap...

  Goldcroft 14:39 02 Apr 2003

snotgoblingit - With the whole English language to choose from, couldn't you find a less repulsive name?

  professor 14:59 02 Apr 2003

stop yer belly achin if the man wants his nick to be snotgoblingit who are u to contredict that?

as to the problem here...
to make it clear i'll give u an example josquius
Athlon XP 1800+ = 1.53GHz

now i belive a 2400 XP needs to be set to 166mhz FSB to change it you can either look at your MB book and change a jumper setting on it or when your pc starts keep pressing "Del" during POST and then press it after that and it will go to BIOS then look around in there and after a few mins u'll find how to change your FSB to 166mhz


  medicine hat 16:09 02 Apr 2003

I think the 2400+ chip comes in 2 types: one with FSB 133 and the other FSB 166, so don't necessarily be in a rush to change that

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