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  IT Boff 17:39 10 Jul 2006

I am trying to set up a Roaming Profile, But don't really know how to go about it, I know the basics, like that you have to copy the User Profiles to another Place, But where???

I have A D-link wireless rounter and adapters, and a Extrenal Hard Drive. I would like to use the External Hard Drive to store the User Profiles on. Can anyone tell me if this is possiable and also how you go about making a roaming profile.

Any surgestions would be much appreciated.

(Oh and I don't have a server, just I computer I put all of my Shared files and resources (e.g printers) onto.)

  spikeychris 17:46 10 Jul 2006

click here will explain it all.

  spikeychris 18:33 10 Jul 2006

The above will only work if the user account is already roaming. Is it? If not there are still ways of moving accounts that aren’t roaming. You can store the profile quite easily.

Using your account change the settings in folder options. (Win key and E at the same time) tools then folder options and view. Select show hidden files and folders and clear the hide protected operating system files.

Find the user you want to copy using Explorer again and select all the folders, ignore the reg keys NTuser.dat .dat.log and .ini.

Copy all the folders.

Paste them into the external hard drive.

  IT Boff 18:51 10 Jul 2006

Sorry, forgot to say That i'm in an XP Home environment does this effect things, and can i just try what is kindly surgested above?

  spikeychris 19:08 10 Jul 2006

My second post will work with XP Home.

  IT Boff 19:36 10 Jul 2006

Thank's for such quick responces, but it does'nt seem to be working. It just says, windows cannot load profile. It will log on as the Defult User.

Any ideas please??

  spikeychris 20:04 10 Jul 2006

What exactly are you doing?

  spikeychris 20:32 10 Jul 2006

From a run command type “cmd”.

Type the below hitting enter after each line.

net user

(*shows you all existing accounts*)

net user backup 12345 /add

(*creates an acount called "backup" with a password of "12345")

net localgroup administrators backup /add

(*makes the backup account an administrator*)

Log in now as backup and save any profiles you want to the external drive.

  IT Boff 21:26 10 Jul 2006

What do you mean backup, if you mean the Backup account, as far a i know there is'nt one in XP Home. Only Sandard and Administrator, Please correct me if i'm wrong....

And going back to the "What are you exactly doing" part, I am going to C://Documents and Settings, then coipying one of the users, and pasting it onto my external Hard Drive.
Then because i'm not using a server like it discribes in the Microsoft document you kindly liked me to,I Go to the Profile List in the regestry and change each profile path to where it is located on the External Hard Drive.

  spikeychris 21:40 10 Jul 2006

Backup is created by you. There isn’t one beforehand. What are you changing in the reg? You don't have to as you are just creating a copy..

  IT Boff 06:07 11 Jul 2006

Right...I think understand now. So Log in, Type un Command Prompt whats stated above about ignoring GUI. Then login using the username backup and the password 12345 and then copy and paste the profiles to the External Hard Drive?

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