RJ45 crossover cable connection

  Brirev 14:55 02 Nov 2005

I am trying to connect a laptop and desktop together using a RJ45 crossover cable. I simply haven't a clue what to do! I've read various postings but must admit to being confused by the terminology - any help?


  Jackcoms 15:29 02 Nov 2005

Simplistically, you plug one end of the RJ45 into the RJ45 port on the laptop and the other end into the RJ45 port on the desktop.

But, I suppose the real question here is - what are you ultimately trying to achieve by connecting these 2 machines?

  Brirev 15:55 02 Nov 2005

Yeah - I'd got as far as plugging the two together :)

What I'm trying to achieve is:
- share files between the two PCs
- when I get broadband, enable both PCs to use the same connection

Both are Home XP. One is using the Windows firewall, the other is using ZoneAlarm set to "medium".

Please nb - I posted this query to absolute beginners for a good reason! Be kind.

  Jackcoms 16:24 02 Nov 2005

Try this click here

  Brirev 17:41 02 Nov 2005

I've looked at this - I'm still confused!

It seems to be steering me towards using a hub or router when I thought that I could just connect "peer-to-peer"

I've just been to visit an elderly neighbour who says she's too old to use PCs - I know how she feels!

  Jackcoms 18:20 02 Nov 2005

If you only wish to share files the RJ45 is the answer.

If you wish to share files AND an internet connection a router is the solution.

  Skills 22:53 02 Nov 2005

You can achieve what you want just using the RJ45 cable but the PC with the internet connection will have to remain switched on and connected to the net for the other PC to have net access.

OK first you need to make sure that both PC's are in the same workgroup you need to do this so that they can see each other on the network. So right click on my computer | properties and then the computer name tab. You'll see the workgroup name listed these need to be the same on both PC's if they arent click the change button and make them the same.

OK have the RJ45 cable plugged in and go into my network places from the control panel on the top left you'll see network tasks choose setup a home or small office network. The network setup wizard will now start follow this through and do this on the PC that will share the internet connection first. Choosing the option this computer connects directly to the internet

Then on your other PC run the network setup wizard again but this time choose this computer connects through another computer on my network.

The network setup wizard is quite simple and should do the configuring for you. Once it has finished you may need to restart both computers but then in my network places you should see the other computer if you click on view workgrouped computers.

I would say have zonealarm on the PC that connects to the net and use windows firewall on the other PC.

  Brirev 11:17 03 Nov 2005

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

I can pass info both ways and print over the "network". However I can only gain access when both machines have no firewall protection.
ie: I need to turn off Zonealarm and the Windows firewall on the desktop, Windows firewall off on the laptop. I'm sure that this isn't the best thing to do when connected to the Internet! Any ideas?

On a different tack, my "Network Connections" window shows:-
1394 Connection 2 "Connected"
Local Area Connection "Little or no connectivity"
1394 Connection "Connected"
Why are there two "1394" connections? Are they Ethernet?
What is the "Local Area Connection" for? I've tried to fix it using the Windows utility but it says that it can't find the IP address.

Thanks again.

  Skills 17:09 03 Nov 2005

1394 is firewire I have a firewire slot on my PC and it is shown as connected in network connections.

Your Local Area connection thou is your network port it shows that the cable is connected yes? and you can access the other PC on your network?

Can you access both machines and the internet with windows firewall enable. See below that the free version of zonealarm doesnt fully support internet connection sharing. Maybe you try using sygates free firewall instead.

This is from the zonealarm website

The free product ZoneAlarm does not support Windows Internet Connection Sharing (ICS), and is not recommended on the ICS gateway PC. If you do decide anyway to use free ZoneAlarm on the ICS gateway machine, Internet Zone must be set to Medium setting (ZoneAlarm on the ICS client machines can have Internet Zone set to High).

Full article is click here

  Brirev 17:44 03 Nov 2005

The Local Area Connection is working in that packets have been sent/rec'd however it is flagged as having "Limited or No Connectivity".
Clicking on details it says, "This problem occured because the network did not assign a network address to the computer". If I try and repair it, it doesn't work.

Another thing, how do I find out "that the cable is connected"? I guess that the green light at the back is one indication and the fact that data is t/f'd is another?

Re: firewall. I've turned off ZoneAlarm and left only the std Windows Firewall on, and it doesn't work - only when I turn off all firewalls is connection established.

Thanks for your interest/help.

  Brirev 22:30 03 Nov 2005

Further to my posting above, I've discovered that I had a component missing from Windows which meant that the Windows firewall did not support networking. Now that this has been added things are working fine - apart from this "Limited or No Connectivity" issue. I've spoken to a local person and they say that they have the same msg - but it doesn't appear to have any -ve impact. Cheers.

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