riser card 1x to a 16x

  barriosgt67 03:00 23 Apr 2011

hi i have an optiplex gx520 and i'm looking for a graphic card.need to know if a graphic card exsist for this type of computer and if it does exsist what kind of graphic card do i need to play games oh yeah ita btx case and it has a pcie x1 slot at the bottom but not sure or convinced that it will work. can you please tell me what should i do. getting another computer is kind of hard for me right now that i'm having finacial promblems so please let me know tanx... Like this post Strawballs

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Posted Apr 21 '11 at 10:09

Try here link text Like this post barriosgt67

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Posted Apr 22 '11 at 4:20

tried it but i don't have a credit card and my computer is pci 1 slot now what do i do? do you know where i can get one like in a walgreens or staples center or some place like micro center but what kind or is there a trick cause i seen a video on a pcie video card work on a pciex1 slot is that possible? with a riser card pcie x1 to x16


can this work for my computer a way of manipulating the system or like looking for a riser card and then a very low profile graphic card x16 can this be done to an optiplex gx520 please give me some feed back onthis thanxs Like this post lotvic

  chub_tor 08:55 23 Apr 2011

According to this spec Click Here

this machine has one PCIe x 16 full height expansion slot available. If this is correct then you don't need a converter (if such a thing exists).

  smotleycrew 09:40 03 May 2011

It is possible to fit in a full size PCIE x16 card into the Mini Tower Optiplex GX520 PCIE x1 connector. The link , given above states wrong specs. You can always view the original documentation pages for DELL PC/Laptops etc. if you know the name of the model and search for "edocs" string in google to get to the right page like this one: http://support.euro.dell.com/support/edocs/systems/opgx520/en/ug/mtabout0.htm#wp1073911 there you will see a picture of the motherboard http://support.euro.dell.com/support/edocs/systems/opgx520/en/ug/mtabout9.jpg It is visible that there is not PCIE x16 slot, but there is PCIE x1. How to prepare PCIE x1 slot for PCIE x16 card 1.Get a soldering iron 2.Heat it up 3.Carefully melt the upper side (north side on the image) of the PCIE x1 slot

Fit a usually in PCIE x16 slot. Of course the speed at which the card will run is x1. That still will be enough to run games like Star Wars Battlefront 2 with Pentium IV 2.80 GHz Forget About FullHD 1080p though the 720p will be possible.

That is how I run the system with NVidia 6600 silent. At least it is something more than the integrated intel graphics chip.

  smotleycrew 09:45 03 May 2011

By writing this:

How to prepare PCIE x1 slot for PCIE x16 card 1.Get a soldering iron 2.Heat it up 3.Carefully melt the upper side (north side on the image) of the PCIE x1 slot

I meant:

Open up the PCIE x1 slot to the upper side so that a larger card can be fitted - melt the blocking short wall without damaging any of the pins.

  fhutch810 17:42 02 Oct 2011

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