RIS Server Problem

  Zion_Lion 01:16 07 Feb 2008

Hi all, for the past few days I have been pulling my hair out over my RIS Server in my lab. I have pre-staged two clients and configured the server to do a full auto install with the x.sif file. The DHCP options 60, 66 and 67 are set correctly and the server is verified. Now the whole process runs fine (I mean the clients get an IP and receive the boot file startrom.com via TFTP. I get past the welcome screen and the logon screen until I get to the Choise.osc file, as soon as I select the Auto install I'm presented with the osauto.osc file which displays META SERVER ACTION="CHECKGUID OSCHOICE DUPAUTO">
Now as far as I'm aware this screen is not meant to be shown, this screen is mean to check for duplicate GUIDS in AD, and if any are found its meant to display the dupauto.osc file telling you which client are affected. Now I am quite sure that I have not got any duplicate GUIDS in active directory but I seem to be stuck with this osauto.osc screen displaying the above message. I have tried having the server only respond to known clients and with the server responding to any clients. It doesn't matter how many virtual pc's I create, I still get the same osauto.osc file halting the process. I've sat on the wire with ethereal and checked the packets and all the GUIDS and IP's tally up with the clients, but I can’t detect any rogue GUIDS flying around. Even if I delete the client accounts form the OU in AD and just have the server responding to any client, it makes no difference. All I know is that I'm not meant to be seeing this osauto.osc screen, I've trawled through so many Technet pages and various other web sites, only to be told what I already know. So I hope someone out there can put my mind at rest before I go mad.

Regards ZL

  recap 11:47 08 Feb 2008

Don't know whether you have looked at this Zion_Lion from Microsoft?

click here and scroll down to the Troublshooting RIS section it may be of some help?

  Zion_Lion 15:47 09 Feb 2008

Unfortunately I have redcap, I can't seem to find anything to do with screen apart from what it's meant to do, which is check to active directory quietly in the background and then present you with the DupAuto.osc screen that tells you what machines have the duplicate GUIDS.
Theres only one site in Google that mentions this screen, which is a polish Microsoft TechNet site, which would be ok if I could find a website that would let me translate the whole page with no word limit restrictions. i don't really want to pay for something I'm only going to use once for a couple of minuets. after all, it may not even tell me anything of use.
Thanks anyway redcap.


  Zion_Lion 20:08 23 Feb 2008

Any more takers. ;-(

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