ripple effect when dragging and dropping

  palinka 23:17 23 Sep 2005

When you drag a box or window on my friend's computer there is a sort of "ripple" effect, as if the image is being refreshed as it moves. It makee me feel quite seasick. How can he set it so it works like mine? - I just see a dotted line outline of the window and then the complete thing after I've dropped it in its new position. I thought it was asetting in Display properties but I can't find it. Windows XP.

  woodchip 23:28 23 Sep 2005

Slow graphics or short on memory on the graphics, or the system is working over time and using all it's resources

  jack 08:35 24 Sep 2005

Control Panel - printers and other hardware[dependng on which version of Windows in use] Mouse/Pointer
Check the the various things mouse can do.
leaving a trail -i suspect this one.

  Mr Mistoffelees 09:31 24 Sep 2005

Right click the desktop and choose "properties". Then click "appearance" and then "effects". Next uncheck "show window contents while dragging".

  palinka 10:05 24 Sep 2005

thanks everyone. Mr Mistoffelees, it's not that. I think Jack may be partly right, but changing my own settings to SHOW mouse trail doesn't reproduce the effect I described, except, of course, where the mouse is concerned. Looks as though Woodchip has hit on it - I'll check on the system when I have an opportunity; don't think my friend has got much on it (except all his emails going back to the year dot!). How can he adjust the amount of memory used for graphics?

  ACOLYTE 10:11 24 Sep 2005

Have you tried altering the monitor refresh rate
to somthing higher than it is.

  palinka 10:15 24 Sep 2005

that sounds like a good idea, ACOLYTE. How does he do that and what sort of setting would be necessary?

  ACOLYTE 14:41 24 Sep 2005

Usually you right click the desktop selcect properties/settings/advanced then click the monitor tab,depending on his monitor i would go for 85 Hertz if it can support that.

  wky 15:11 24 Sep 2005

I think it is to do with the graphics drivers. It happens when you dont install them as I have on numerous occasions done this. Just try and upgrade the graphic drivers.

  Simsy 15:12 24 Sep 2005

The suggestion offerred by Mr Mistoffelees is correct for the symptons you describe in the original post... then in your subsequent post your refer to the Mouse?

Can you confirm the actual problem.

It is true that Woodchips suggestion is likely to cure the original problem, but also true that Mr Mistoffelees suggesttion will "Set it so it works like mine? - I just see a dotted line outline of the window and then the complete thing after I've dropped it in its new position"

I confess I'm not an XP user, so my apologies if I've misread something here, but your reference to "mouse" has, I think, confused the issue.



  woodchip 16:01 24 Sep 2005

This happens on all Operating Systems. I would say this is a very old computer

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