Ripping to MP3 using Windows Media Player

  stlucia2 08:21 26 Dec 2011

Several times in the past year I've ripped my CDs to MP3 files using Windows Media Player but, today when I tried to do it, I find there's no "Rip" menu on the current version, which must have installed itself in one of the regular Windows updates.

I can "Copy from CD" using the button at the left, but that only gives me the option to save as three different qualities of Windows Media Audio (.wma) files when I go to "Tools". I click on the link in the Tools window that says "Learn more about MP3 formats", and it takes me to a Microsoft web page offering plug-ins for DVDs which don't mention MP3, and a couple of audio effects (3-D sound, surround sound) which I don't think are what I'm looking for.

So, what's the simplest way to rip CDs to MP3 for my own personal use, please? Is there something I'm missing in WMP, is one of the plug-ins what I need, or should I simply go for a different (free) software?

  rdave13 09:58 26 Dec 2011

That's odd as I have the latest WMP and in tools, options, rip music I still have the option to rip to MP3. It might not have loaded properly so I'd try a reboot just in case.

  stlucia2 10:45 26 Dec 2011

My WMP was version I've re-booted a couple of times since I got the problem, and it's still the same.

I've now just updated it from the internet and, during the update, it says it's updating to version 11. Now that it's installed, it's a completely different layout from before and has a menu bar along the top, including a "Rip" option, as I remember from earlier, rather than a menu bar down the side. The Rip option includes MP3 format.

Strangely, it doesn't have a "Help" button that I can find, so I can't verify what version it is now.

  rdave13 10:51 26 Dec 2011

Info on WMP 11 including how to show the Classic Menus, link

  iscanut 11:00 26 Dec 2011

If you click on Layout, tick " Show Menu Bar" then click on Help from which you can click "About". This will show you your version. I am on version 12.0....There is plenty of other help also, Click on Ord, then options and each Tab has it's own Help topics.

  iscanut 11:12 26 Dec 2011

I meant to type " click on Org " sorry. You can also download older version 10 from here if you want to go back to an older one...

  iscanut 11:13 26 Dec 2011

Sorry, not my no good. I shall go away now !!

  stlucia2 11:57 26 Dec 2011

Even though (or perhaps, because) I was brought up in the days of DOS programming, Windows is getting far to complicated for me!! I can't find anything about WMP Classic Menu in your link, rdave13; and to find "Tools" or "Help" I have to right-click on the blank part of the menu bar -- that's progress, I suppose. I'm not going to click on the Classic Menu for fear of losing the Rip option again!

Anyway, I've got what I want now, which is the ability to rip into MP3 format, so thanks for your help. My updated version is 11.0.5721.5145 by the way.

  rdave13 12:08 26 Dec 2011

Just scroll down a bit and you should find this, "To show the Classic Menus, right-click an empty area of the taskbar (such as the area to the left of the Now Playing tab) or an empty area to the left or right of the playback controls, and then click Show Classic Menus. Or, press CTRL+M. "

Glad you're now sorted for ripping anyway :)

  lotvic 14:16 26 Dec 2011

icanut's link FileHippo

(it's the two _ underscores that mess link up, any text between them is converted to italics instead of showing link as intended)

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