Ripping CDs?

  Ancient Learner 20:49 07 Aug 2005

I use a question mark because I don't really know if that is what I want to do, which will show you how much knowledge I don't have on this subject.

I have just read another Thread on this ripping subject and immediately I got lost with ' WMA and MP3 files.'

I would like to take some of my old CDs and, leaving out tracks that I don't want, make up some new ones, perhaps using 10 CDs to produce say 4.

Is this possible, and is there some free, or cheap software to do it with.

I assume that it would be legal since they are my CDs and the result would be for my own use. However, having read long arguments on the subject of copy-write and so on, It wouldn't totally surprise me to learn that this activity would have me incarcerated in the tower for many years.

  Pooke 20:53 07 Aug 2005

Well technically it is illegal, but not acted upon by anyone. It's p2p sharing of copyrighted materials and so on that is the "the big thing".

Media player, or REAL player can do it. Just choose rip from the options. Then choose the music cd (in whatever drive you inserted it), and logically choose which songs you want to rip from it. I'd recommend you keep them in mp3 format.


  Pooke 20:57 07 Aug 2005

Should have added, once you have your mp3's just make an audio cd with nero etc and then drop and drag all your tracks in which ever order you want them.

  stalion 20:57 07 Aug 2005

if xp bring up widows media player.go to file select cd's and devices and rip cd.
You then have the option once ripped to select which tracks to keep or discard by ticking or not the relevant boxes

  Ancient Learner 21:19 07 Aug 2005

I also have some DVDs from mags. that contain, what I will call, talking books. Would this same method work for those as well. I would prefer them to be on CDs so that I can listen to them in the car.

  Stuartli 21:27 07 Aug 2005

Windows Media Player10 has a Rip tab (plus information in its Help files) for WMA and MP3 files.

  Stuartli 21:31 07 Aug 2005

Despite Pooke's advice, I create MP3 complilation albums with Nero in multisession form using Imation CD-Rs.

I drag and drop the NP3 files into the folder and then burn the compilation(s).

By the way, Irfanview has a neat multimedia player which copes very happily with MP3s.

  stalion 21:39 07 Aug 2005

one thing you need to know is does your car cd player play mp3's

  Ancient Learner 22:00 07 Aug 2005

AH! In my ignorance, I thought that a CD player played, if you follow. Apparently not. So how do I find out that bit of information?

  stalion 22:02 07 Aug 2005

some cd players play mp3's some do not you should have the info in the cd player handbook

  Pooke 22:02 07 Aug 2005

It doesn't need to be mp3 compatible just make an audio cd. And it'll play in most cd players.

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