Ripped , Burned but Burners wont play back p rope

  haricot 14:20 09 Nov 2007

I hav'nt even solved my last problem yet but
here's a new one.

From time to time I like to copy a few favourite tracks off of my CD's to make a compilation Cd to play in the car.
Have just done that using Windows Media and the same Blank CD;s(Verbatim) that I have used before very successfully but this time the blessed things won't play back properly. I put the finished one into a Cd player and sometimes it will play but other times it won't OR it won't start at Track 1 or 2 but will, at Track 5 and using the reverse button on the CD Player it will play Tracks 4,3,2 and 1 ,doing it that way . Take it out and put it back again and it won't play at all again ie as if there is nothing on the disc.
I know it has recorded OK 'cos I have played all the tracks to prove it.
It does the same thing in another CD Player and in the car.I recorded 2 of these CD's and one of them , when played in the car comes up with a message "Err 1".

Does anyone know why. I have used the Blank CD's in the past . They were fine and I have successfully used Windows Media and that was fine.

The only new element is a new Dell Inspiron 530
Computer which I bought last month. surely that cant be it can it. It was ruddy expensive!

  Technotiger 14:30 09 Nov 2007

Your new Dell could be fussy about the Make of blank media that you use. Try different Makes to see if you can find which make the Dell likes. Sounds daft I know, but often true.

  crosstrainer 14:32 09 Nov 2007

Try slowing the recorder speed down a little.

  haricot 14:46 09 Nov 2007

Thanks Technotiger(again) ...

do you mean try Phillips or Emtec or Memorex etc . I've tried TDK and these Verbatim and they are both affected by whatever the problem is.

Thanks Crosstrainer ...being green as I am (even thick so some of the other blokes might think)what do you mean by "slowing the recorder down a bit".
Do you mean the Cd Recorder that I am playing them back on? If so ...How do I do that?
Have patience with me if you will . it may take a little longer !

  Technotiger 15:04 09 Nov 2007

Yes that is what I mean - though usually TDK sre among the best makes.

Slowing down - you might have the capability to slow down the Burning speed within your burning software.

  Technotiger 15:08 09 Nov 2007

Another thought, WMP is fine for some things, but you would probably do better with a dedicated burning program, like Nero for instance.

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