RIP, or resurrection possible?

  FireOfBlue 07:45 18 Sep 2005

Hi people,

as usual some questions.

For some months, on start up, the PC has very occasionally shown patches of white squares on the screen - which I put down to either a problem with the graphics drivers or the card itself. It seemed that if I checked the power connector to the card was fully in and gave it a little jiggle, the PC would usually boot up properly. .. sometimes I'd need to jiggle the wires generally and all would be well. It could have been coincidence that it then booted properly, or it could have been a loose connection somewhere - I looked but couldn't find one. I also uninstalled / reinstalled drivers.

On Friday, just before I went to work, I booted up the P.C. and got the white squares - I told my girlfriend not to use it 'till I got home. later, my girlfriend called to say that she had been using the P.C. (grrrr!) normally but when she booted it up again later, after the BIOS screens displayed normally, the screen remained dark. I suggested that she ensure the molex connector was in the graphics card properly ( I realised that this was a mistake after it took over 10 minutes on the phone for her to think she might know which of the square shelfs (as she called it) might be the graphics card.

Anyway on returning home the PC's side was off, and my girlfriend and my sister had both been checking molex plugs etc! When I checked it, it still booted up but only as far as displaying the various BIOS screens and then the screen went dark... the problem she'd described.

I rebooted it 5 or six times checking connections etc - and then it stopped booting all together - absoloutely nothing - although the illuminated switch on the PSU did glow.

I checked all the plugs were tight, checked the pins from the case's power on button were all properly seated - but nothing happened. No beeps, no fans spinning, no lights inside the PSU (it is perspex and illuminated - although the PSU on / off switch still glows).

Well, I thought it could just be the switch is faulty (hope!) or something else - easiest / cheapest to checlk was the PSU. I bought a new cheap one, but the PC still won't boot - absoloutely nothing happens at all when I press the case's power on switch.

I also changed the kettle lead on teh PSU in case it was a simple fuse.

Any ideas?

It's a very very expensive motherboard! Tell me it is something else, very simple!

As Ever



System Specs:

Verres V770 Bubble Case, xp pro, xp2500+ CPU, Gigabyte 9800 pro 256MB Graphics card, sm191t TFT monitor, Gigabyte GA-7NNXP Motherboard, 1GB Crucial 2700 DDRam, Qtec 550 watt psu, GlobalWin CAK4-88T XP3000+ heatsink,Lite on DVDrw and a Dvd/CDRW/card reader

  howard60 16:56 18 Sep 2005

you have to go back to basics - something attached to the pc is stopping it - remove every cable from the motherboard and if more than 1 stick of memory just leave 1. Remove the graphics card as well. Plug the cables from the psu into the mobo only and see if you now get any beeps. Should be plenty as with no graphics card it will be telling you that. If you get beeps then add 1 device at a time ie graphics card. and so on. By the way do you have any usb cables attached these have been known to stop a system dead. If so take them out first and try booting again.

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