Ring Tones

  ponytail 17:56 11 Jul 2010

My wife has just got a new mobile phone and wants a ring tone which sounds like the old telephone.Went on google but it is so confusing.What is the best and easiest way to get the new tone.What is a WAP tone .Her phone is a Sony Ericsson T707.Can someone advise.

  mgmcc 18:02 11 Jul 2010
  onthelimit 11:05 12 Jul 2010

...and have downloaded it to my desktop. How do I transfer it to my Nokia phone please (I OK on computers, but a bit of a Luddite with other electronic kit!).

  mgmcc 13:05 12 Jul 2010

Transfer is normally either by Bluetooth or, if the phone supports micro-SD memory cards, by plugging the micro-SD card into the PC.

When Bluetooth is enabled in the PC, you have to "pair" it with the phone. Then right clicking the Bluetooth icon in the System Tray will bring up several options, one of which is to "Send a File". The phone may prompt you to confirm that it should receive a file.

  onthelimit 13:15 12 Jul 2010

No, sorry - haven't got bluetooth or memory card slot. Have got mini USB connection, though.

  ponytail 13:36 12 Jul 2010

Hi mgmcc
I have downloaded to my PC SO how do I transfer it to my phone using my bluetooth device.

  onthelimit 16:25 12 Jul 2010

As mgmcc said in his second post?

  Woolwell 16:42 12 Jul 2010

Most phones come with software to enable the phone to sync with the pc. Nokia have Nokia PC Suite click here or Nokia OVI Suite and for the T707 click here

  Woolwell 16:43 12 Jul 2010

Also for the T707 click here

  onthelimit 18:19 12 Jul 2010

Downloaded the Nokia suite, and all OK.

  ponytail 19:08 12 Jul 2010

Just plugged my blue tooth dongle into my pc and it says not recognised.Have used this many times not sure what problem is but have ordered new one will try again when it arrives.

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