right then i am not to good with this stuff so ple

  wheats 19:21 19 Jan 2007


  wheats 19:21 19 Jan 2007

right then i am not to good with this stuff so please simplefy for me my mother board is a asus a8v-vm se with instructions like this

1,agnd 2,presence 3,mic2 jd 4,blank 5,hp hd
6,mic2 L 7,mic2 r 8,hp r 9,jack sence 10,hp L

wires coming from front panel are this

ground,return r,return L,spkout r, spkout L,
mic in, mic bias,if anyone can tell me how to connect these please

  SANTOS7 19:36 19 Jan 2007

Wheats me old coconut if you are as you say not good at this stuff,best and safest advice i can give you is take it to your nearest PC shop (high street) not suerstore and get someone to do it for you.
If you get it wrong you are going to do maybe more harm than good, which may render your PC useless.

  wheats 19:59 19 Jan 2007

i can see what i need to do its the order the wires go in iam stuck on they are not marked on wires same as motherboard instructions baffled but i see your point

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:03 19 Jan 2007

Someone posted this same thing earlier in the week but a crap thread title means I cannot find the thread.

Try a forum search for asus or front panel.

  SLAYER 20:16 19 Jan 2007

Fruit Bat /\0/
same person that posted before methinks.

  howard64 12:17 20 Jan 2007

look at the wires to the connecter if 2 core such as hard disk in use light one of the wires will have a trace colour on it or it may be coloured completely and the other wire white. On the mobo the 2 connections for that connecter will be indicated by either a plus sign + or coloured with the other one plain.

  gudgulf 13:06 20 Jan 2007

Your problem is that you have a motherboard with a high definition audio header whilst your computer case front panel connectors are for the older AC97 format.

Have a look at this post click here

and here's a link to Google that should get you the information you need click here

Good luck!

  wheats 10:26 21 Jan 2007

i still dont get it what wires go to

hp r
mic2 jd
jack sense
hp L
hp hd
thats assumeing
grnd is ground
mic2L is micin
and mic bias is mic2 r
I MUST BE THICK but the wires
spk out L,SPK OUT R

  SANTOS7 10:44 21 Jan 2007

Do what i said TWO days ago take it to somebody who knows what they are doing.
You will save yourself time and money in the long run, it will be a small price to pay for peace of mind...

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