Right-hand margin of web pages missing

  watchful 18:55 17 Feb 2004

Just recently when I'm on this site or ebay for example, the right-hand edge of the page is missing and I have to scroll across to read it. I'm sure there is a way of altering this but can't remember what! The result is that, when I print a page off, the text is missing even if I centre it first by scrolling.

Windows XP.

  hugh-265156 19:06 17 Feb 2004

set your screen resolution to at least 800x600 or 1024x768 for 15" monitor.

right click an empry area of the desktop/properties/settings and adjust the slider here.

the printer problem i dont think is connected."file/page set up" in IE check your margins are set correctly maybe.

  watchful 19:11 17 Feb 2004

Thank you but my settings are already at that and have never been changed. This problem has only recently occurred and it does affect what the printer prints as it prints exactly what appears on the screen.

  watchful 19:14 17 Feb 2004

PS. The margins in Page set-up are set at 19.05 - all four of them - but I've never looked at this before so don't see how this could be the problem.

  hugh-265156 19:34 17 Feb 2004

try setting margins to 0.5mm untick the option if you have it "print as layed out on screen"

are your graphics card drivers installed?

  hugh-265156 19:37 17 Feb 2004

very sorry what am i thinking oops.

dont know where i got 0.5 from.

try 2.96mm.thats what i have my epson set at.just checked.

  watchful 20:34 17 Feb 2004

As I look at the web page now I can't see the last few letters of this page - the ads down the right-hand side. It's as if the page has been stretched sideways. Is there nothing I can alter in the View settings on the top tool bar? The printer settings don't make any difference to the page I'm viewing but thanks anyway.

  hugh-265156 20:37 17 Feb 2004

its the same here at 800x600 1/2 inch or so to scroll to the right.

set it to 1024x768 and you will see the whole screen.

  watchful 20:48 17 Feb 2004

I've just done that and it's made everything smaller so that I can hardly read it! But I can see all the page (with my specs). Can I now change the font size in View?

  Como2 21:36 17 Feb 2004

Daft question

Have you checked the monitor menu items, ie accessed from the buttons on your monitor you may be able to adjust the horizontal width depending on your monitor

  watchful 21:42 17 Feb 2004

It's not a daft question to me - how do I do that? I've never touched the buttons on the monitor before.

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