Riddle of PC Constantly Switching Off

  OldRed 01:04 01 May 2004


I am having problems with my PC booting upto desktop and then switching off re-booting back upto desktop and repeating this cycle.
The PC is HP Brio Pentium 3 running Windows 98se

I found that that if I press F2 and enter setup and leave it in setup for some fifteen minutes before booting up it will stay on for about ten minutes before switching off.
It never switches off in setup mode.

Also if I connect to the internet before it goes off I could be on an hour before it switches off and re-boots. If I try and work in any programs or even just leave it at the desktop it will go off within 5 to 10 minutes.
Starting from cold and the desktop does not completely load before it goes off and re-boots.

I have changed the hard drive and replaced the 64MB memory module but no change so I fitted back the extra memory to make 128MB and found that it switches off more frequent no matter what I do even while on line so the extra memory has made it worse.

Anybody got any idea's before it goes in a skip (only joking) although thats how I feel at the moment as I'm finding it hard to find replacement parts for this model.

Please be patient if I have to reply as I only have a few minutes between switch off's.

Regards OldRed

  Giggle n' Bits 02:05 01 May 2004

check first for virus infection.
What Motherboard do you have and also the Graphics ?.
The power supply ? if the fan inside the psu has failed this will shut and do strange things,
Are you fans spinin inside the case especially on the HSF over the CPU.
Got to Start-Run and type in sfc repiar any damagedf files found.

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