RiadaHeadline/IE 6 problem on new laptop...

  twodogs 20:04 06 Jan 2004

Hi all,
Could anybody point me in the right direction? I recently created my first website for a couple of mates who just opened a motorcycle shop. I had to grasp the basics of Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and even a little ap called RiadaHeadline which drops scrolling messages into pages. Everything seems to work fine both on my (t)rusty old desktop machine (Win 98SE, Explorer 6.0.2600 with no updates)...and on several of my friends' computers of various flavours too.

I just bought a new laptop (Acer 291LMi) and popped online to check the site, but was greeted by the following text message in place of my scrolling message: "Your browser is not Java capable or Java has been disabled"...my laptop is running XP Pro 5.1.2600 and IE 6.0.2800 SP1.

The site is located at click here.

Thanks in advance for any help received!


  jgosden 20:15 06 Jan 2004

works fine on my ie6

  twodogs 20:49 06 Jan 2004

Thanks for the swift response.

I've been fiddling with various settings both locally and within IE but to no avail.

I'll keep trying!



  jgosden 20:58 06 Jan 2004

i can't get on the winxp machine at the moment as it in use so it ma be a winxp issue and not a browser problem at all.

  Sir Radfordin 21:01 06 Jan 2004

Seems to work ok on my WinXP machine (fully patched)

  twodogs 21:12 06 Jan 2004

Oops...premature send.

Where was I? Ah yes, when previewed, the offending pages still throw up the message (as do the samples over at riada.com), so it's defintely something to do with my machine.

Thanks again guys!

  jgosden 21:26 06 Jan 2004

make sure you download all the service patches from

click here

  PurplePenny 22:26 06 Jan 2004

Have you got Java on your machine? It isn't in the Service Pack anymore because of court cases.

Search you C: drive for it (I've got java.exe in C:\WINDOWS\system32)


  Talented Monkey 22:57 06 Jan 2004

Obviously your particular machine doesn’t have java installed or it has been disabled. If you are using Microsoft IE, in your browser menu select tools internet options and advanced scroll down till you get to the java options and see what you have selected.

Although most people have Java running, which is shown by everyone posting that your site works for them, there are a small and slowly but steadily growing percentage of people which is around 10% mark, who do not have JavaScript installed or disabled by choice. Also Microsoft tell you to turn of JavaScript when there are certain security warnings. This number will rise due to Microsoft loosing quite a few copyright cases and will not be made available as an automatically installed feature.

Although your message JavaScript isn’t exactly important, it just serves as a warning to to other people that you should not rely on using JavaScript for anything important if you running a commercial site. 10% may not sound a lot, but 10,000 visitors a week will loose you a potential 1000 customers, because they can not get certain site aspects such as navigation to load.

Ok first of all this is very good for a first time effort, but there are several things about the site that is not exactly right.

First of all Flash Intro. Why have you got this? People are visiting your site to buy items not sit through a trailer before they enter the site. This is first stumbling block that people are likely to kill the browser and not bother with even hitting the skip button. I don’t think I know anyone who actually sits through these flash intros.

Main home page arghhhhhh not Mystery meat navigation! Sorry but I am firmly in the ban mystery meat navigation camp. In case you wonder what this is, this is a menu which is represented by an icon and at worse even different coloured single shape, with no real understanding where it is going to take you. Also this navigation is all in Flash which will loose you some visitors. At least you have the decency to put a proper text menu on right

Too much movement on the page. All in flash again too! I spent a minute or so watching the advert animation something other people will do, and while they are watching this, they will not be navigating the site and more importantly buying items.

Why on earth have yu got a v…e……r…….y…. S….l….o….w….l……y…. S…….c……r…….o……….l……….l…………..i………..n………g………. w…………e …m…e………s…..s……a………g………..e……….

oh yes, where was I, ah that’s right, why should I wait an eternity to read that information and that’s assuming I do have JavaScript active. Wouldn’t it be better to loose the main flash navigation and replace it with the message and other static text such as welcome message.

Icons top left and right, this is all wrong too, they do start to get on ones nerves like all animated gifs, but yours is in flash again. You should not have a basket link included in this, your shopping cart navigation should be a standard static link. If you want a rotating image fine, but don’t put it as a link, contact info and address on each “side” maybe. Or even better kill the flash create a single gif image one with telephone and another with something else, have one each side. You will do your users and more importantly your bandwidth a favour.

Fist link I click on helmets, scrolling text up right hand side. This is perfectly fine if you are using this on a Star Wars fan site (opening story sequence), but you are not. This is important information about sizes and so on, it is again slow very slow to read why should I sit and wait for all this to scroll up?. You would be better placing this as static text above the product listings

One final point, text contrast is poor on the product listing too dark grey background for black text

Of course this is just my opinion and you can do what ever you like, but I hope you see the reasoning behind my comments. Others will also tell you what is wrong and doesn’t work, and those that have followed that advice and come back for more constructive critism have ended up with a very impressive good working sites.

Good Luck


  twodogs 23:44 06 Jan 2004

Evening all,
Well, I now have a selection of installed updates (as yet I don't have java.exe installed anywhere) and yet, alas, no scrolling thingy. I shall not be beaten!

Regarding my internet options, all scripting options are enabled.

TM: thanks for your comments. Basically, the site is a placeholder with which we're trying a few different ideas. The final product will be an ecommerce site, possibly based around actinic. We're just seeing what works, what doesn't and so on...as such, your input is greatly appreciated.

I'll keep searching and tweaking and post back if - no, when, I obtain a solution.

Cheers for now,


  twodogs 01:23 07 Jan 2004

at last...the standard download from Java click here, the Java Runtime Environment. It took 2 attempts either side of downloading and updating every version of XP, but it's fine now.

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